Corruption is Legal in America

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I’m confused. Why isn’t there a string of Liberal bashing comments attached to this?

Because both Republicans AND Democrats know this is 100% correct and are afraid to admit it.

All governments and their members support (1) those that give them power and (2) The interests of themselves and their cronies.

Corporations and the rich support the election of their cronies because dollars have more political impact than votes.

It is not enough that the rich are rich, but they need the poor to be poorer, or they’d have nobody to make the bed and do the dishes.

The whole point of a convoluted democratic process is to convince the poor that they have a say, when in fact they do not. It keeps people in order. The same goes for “The American Dream”, the lottery and other fantasies to make the poor compliant.

If you break the system (e.g. communism), the capital would leave and all you’d have left is a poor country run by a new set of self-serving despots.

The worst part is both parties use the hatred/distrust of the other party to keep their own members in line. And the media helps by keeping everyone in the “us vs. them” mindset.

If liberals and conservatives keep fighting over everything, then Democrats and Republicans can do whatever they want while in office.

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