Costume Mistakes People Missed In Major Films

Costume Mistakes People Missed In Major Films –



After all the work put into some of the big budget movies, it’s quite surprising when we find hilarious and sometimes just silly errors in their making. Whether it’s a time period issue, setting or just a mishap the cast or editors didn’t notice, it’s fun to jump on them, especially when it’s their jobs. But luckily for us, there are fans out there determined to show every flaw they can find in our beloved films that we just couldn’t notice before. It’s tough to think the directors couldn’t have seen it as if they learned film making from an online college but then again we missed it too so we can’t blame them too much, right?

Dirty Dancing: Baby’s Shorts Needed To Be A Skirt

Set in 1963, this blast from the past was an epic ride for everyone who has seen it, besides those that noticed Baby wearing jean shorts that only came into fashion much later in the 80’s. Still, this dance drama melted our hearts with its love story and cool moves that we still emulate today at home in our undies. When we’re not cramming for an online college exam of course.

Dirty Dancing

Legends of the Fall: Brad Pitt’s Blonde Hair Was Too Perfect

As per usual, Pitt is a stunning example in this cowboy coming of age story. Set in early 1900’s, he plays Tristan Ludlow the rock of the classic farm family, his hair however is a heavy sixties style and coupled with the shoddy shave job that would’ve never passed in those days. Moreover it’s hard to take the period placement seriously.

Legends Of The Fall

Troy: Umbrellas Didn’t Exist Then

This flamboyant sun shade we see overhead of Bloom in Troy is not only a side splitter but just plain inaccurate. The actual invention of the umbrella only goes back to the 5th Century BCE, only a ‘few’ years after the Battle of Troy took place.


Pride and Prejudice: Rubber Boots Didn’t Exist Then

Based on the classic novel by Jane Austen, this beautifully written story stars Kiera Knightley in a well directed now cult classic. Welp, the only issue found here was the Wellington rain boots Kiera sports as she walks the ground. Why? Well they were only invented more than 40 years later.

Pride And Prejudice

Raiders of the Lost Ark: An Extra Is Actually Wearing Jeans

Indy! If it was just the t-shirt and jeans and not the setting we could probably get over it. But the fact that it takes place in Egypt in the 1930’s means that the extra in the back wearing jeans…is a bit, well, wrong.

Raiders Of The Lost Ark

Captain America (The First Avenger): Hair Needs To Be Up Here

Although she is killer gorgeous in this first installment of the Captain America franchise, Peggy’s hair style is just not army appropriate. Even though it fits the time period, during WWII, women serving were required to have their hair up off the collar and tied back.

Captain America

The Ten Commandments: Nefertiri’s Dress Is Just Too Advanced

This classic biblical film from 56′ was actually one of the most successful films ever. It portrays Anna Baxter as Nefertiti in a stunningly gorgeous blue dress that according to the period in which it was set, that hue was impossible to achieve by using natural tints. Yet, still, she stole the show, the hearts and minds of everyone that saw her in that dress.

The Ten Commandments

Gladiator: Crowe’s Lycra Shorts Don’t Make Sense

Out of all mistakes in his wardrobe, spandex lycra shorts are what we see under his epic leather outfit and it’s a little disappointing. In a few scenes we get a glimpse of these skin tight bad boys. Furthermore it’s not a stretch to say that in ancient Rome, they weren’t readily available. Nor was online college as a matter of fact.


Baywatch: Transparent Swimsuit

Baywatch was one of our favorite TV shows growing up, but there were a lot of things going on behind the scenes that we didn’t know about. One example was that not all of the cast members knew how to swim. Another one is that Gena Lee Nolin almost had an embarrassing incident when the swimsuit she was supposed to don was discovered to become transparent when wet. Lucky they figured that out before the shot.

Baywatch: See Through Swimsuit

The Mummy Returns: Meema’s Skirt Is Not Battle Friendly

What a battle scene it was between Nefertiri and Anck Su in The Mummy Returns. But an impressive fighting scene in the chambers of Pharaoh quickly lost its credibility when the women’s undergarments showed some brand tags that were surely not from that time.

The Mummy Returns Meemas Skirt Is Not Battle Friendly

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: Nazi’s Shouldn’t Be Wearing Medals

The Last Crusade takes place around 1938, during which time the full blown war had yet to begin. We all know this movie has been the brunt of many movie related funnies but at this point in history, the Nazi’s did not wear medals – especially so many. Only near the ending of the war did it become a norm.

The Last Crusade

The King’s Speech: Wrong Kilt

A role for which he will never receive the true credit he is due for this breathtaking experience – The King’s Speech captivated us all. Besides the kilt experts of course. They spotted that his kilt design only dates back to 1997 rather than the correct period, and its Irish not Scottish Balmoral. Double whammy.

The Kings Speech

Glory: A Digital Watch During the Civil War, Really?

This is one of the forehead slappers on the list. Set during the civil war, with a loaded cast of Broderick, Washinton, Carl Elwes and Morgan Freeman, the watch flash was almost insulting to the cast. Wristwatches were not be seen until the 20’s, let alone digital one’s.


Captain America (The First Avenger): The Headset Din’t Exist Yet

Now, as cool as this movie was for most of us, the radio earpiece sported by Jim Mortia under his hat is a little out of place. The system would only be designed much later around the year 2000, a little far off from military use in WWII.

Captain America

Public Enemies: A Jacket That’s Too Advanced

Taking place during the depression era in America, Depp kills this performance as bank robber extraordinaire, John Dillinger. The hole we spotted was that the high quality, flexible, light fibers we make jackets out of today were unavailable back then. This makes it hard for us to believe how it seems so light when Depp sports it in the getaway after he commandeers it from Judge Murray. Judges robes of the time were much heavier and rigid, dead giveaway right?

Public Enemies

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves: Telescope Didn’t Exist Yet

In the scene where Costner and Freeman whip out their telescope, not many people caught it but the optical device was only introduced around the 17th century. Even some variation of it wouldn’t be readily available nor so compact and handy in the 12th century, when the movie takes place.

Robin Hood

Almost Famous: The Black Sabbath T-shirt

In a film that hit us right in the teenage feelz, no one can forget this timeless classic of youth in revolt. Filled with hilarious anecdotes and of course Kate Hudson, this movie’s directors didn’t notice the poorly place Black Sabbath t-shirt on one of the cast members. The shirts were only made around 1997 but the movie is set in the early seventies.

Almost Famous

Pearl Harbor: Bare Legs Weren’t Appropriate

Now, some films manage to do their research on time periods and period appropriate attires and some don’t. And to no fault of online college either. Whether it’s for cinematic genius or simply an attempt at being scandalous, the female heroes in this film are seen without stockings with their skirts, a big no-no at the time. Simply too revealing.

Pearl Harbor

Braveheart: Gibson’s Scottish Skirt Was Totally Premature

Everyone is familiar with this award winning film in some form or fashion, whether it’s through pop culture or memes, so it’s only fair to shoot it down a little. It takes place in the 13th century but the Scots only began wearing kilts around the late 16th. Sorry William.


Django Unchained: Sunglasses Didn’t Exist Yet

Tarantino produced exactly what we hoped for, the payback film of the decade. Grossing almost $300,000,000 worldwide, this awesome flick still had its flaws though. Like when Django sported a pair of sunglasses that were only invented in 1929. Despite this bungle, the glasses still became a fad all on their own today.


The Untouchables: Lapels Didn’t Exist Yet

THE gangster busting movie of the 80’s and 90’s, The Untouchables, with Costner as Elliot Ness, was a movie of the ages. Nevertheless, the trolls found a snag with Ness’ suit that sported a lapel. Lapels would only be introduced around 1989 so they may have missed the mark on that one little piece.

The Untouchables

The Other Boleyn Girl: Portman’s Hair Needs To Be Pulled Back

Despite having the killer figured Natalie Portman beside the stunning Scarlett Johansson, a small error in the period wear the two sported was noticed. When french hoods were worn in the time period, the hair was pulled back and hidden under a veil.

The Other Boleyn Girl

Saving Private Ryan: The Case Of The Black Boots

The bigger you were, the harder you cried at this epic war thriller and action film that has been called the greatest war film of all time. Even so, there were a few little hiccups when making the scene seem real, such as the black boots Matt Damon can be seen wearing through out the film and especially in the final town battle for the bridge. Black boots for the airborne were only to be introduced in the fifties.

Saving Private Ryan

Catch Me If You Can: Braces Didn’t Exist Yet

Tom Hanks, Leo, and Amy Adams all starred in the fun film that took place in the 60’s and followed an ambitious swindler and fraud artist through his years of shenanigans. The spot were we had to call “gotcha” was when Amy appears wearing braces that were used in 1970’s, a little later than when the movie is set in.

Catch Me If You Can

The Tudors: Wearing Ruffs Is Scandalous

When delving into the older periodical films, it is quite difficult to catch every period detail such as that of the ruffs worn around the necks of the women in the film. Worn without an undershirt at the time was not a specific fashion statement but rather considered inappropriate or even scandalous for 1500’s.

WEDDING SINGER, THE, Drew Barrymore, 1998

The Tudors

Good Night and Good Luck: Name Tags Equal Nope

A mistake about name tags caused this great movie to make it’s way onto our list. The film takes place in the 1950’s and tells the story of a conflict between a reporter and senator and involves some rather casually dressed military officers wearing name tags that were only introduced in the late sixties.

Good Night And Good Luck

American Hustle: No Rolex Watches In The 70’s

Such a tiny hole in this epic movie jam packed with a killer cast and incredible acting. Of all people to make the bungle, it was Louis C.K.’s flashy 2010 made Rolex that was out of place in the 70’s set movie.

American Hustle

Amadeus: Mozart’ Sippers Didn’t Exist Yet

A biographical look into the life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart through the 18th century. Without online college, this film shows quite a few of the same mistake over again with zippers. Zippers were visible even though they would only be invented a hundred years later.


The Color Purple: Clip-on Ties Didn’t Exist Yet

Hmm, this film retells the story from the original novel by Alice Walker about the lives of African American women during the 1930’s living in the south. Not a huge catch in the wardrobe but still a snag, Danny Glover appears in the film wearing a clip on tie that was only to be seen a decade later than the 1916 setting.

The Color Purple

Gangs of New York: Firefighters Modern Uniforms Don’t Make Sense

A huge cast and incredible performances makes the mistakes in this movie hard to notice. But they were, and here’s the one that stood out extra – the firemen are dressed in modern garb rather than the periods early fire gear.

Gangs Of New York

Back to the Future: This Guitar Didn’t Exist Yet

Marty McFly, the epic time traveling punk skater who impregnated his own mum, with himself. This feel good film makes us reminiscent of the good old days of youth and bad CGI. The iconic ‘1955’ scene where Marty kills an epic guitar solo on a Gibson that wouldn’t be invented till 1958.

Back To The Future

Schindler’s List: Women Didn’t Shave Then

Talk about a tear jerker that’s tough to shoot down as it was so emotional and dark for the time that many of us watched it. A strange wardrobe mess-up for such a big-budget film but in the period of the 30’s and 40’s women, especially those in the concentration camps, did not shave their legs or arm pits. The hairless women in the movie make that reality less visible.

Schindlers List

Julius Caesar: Bullet Bras Didn’t Exist Yet

During the 50’s, bullet bras were single-handedly one of the most iconic items of lingerie to exist. Wearing such pointy bras was quite the norm, especially for ladies of high stature. However it is impossible for cast members of Julius Caesar to wear such stylish drabs in 44 BC, seeing as that’s about 2000 years before they’re even invented.

Julius Caesar The Bullet Bras Were Not Invented Yet

My Girl: Mood-rings Didn’t Exist Yet

Be still my heart, it’s Anna Chlumsky and Macaulay Culkin in the wonderfully heartbreaking 1991 film, My Girl. So Vada has a super cool mood ring, but these bad boys weren’t actually invented until 1975, even though the film is set in 1972. Mind readers, anyone?

My Girl

Sense and Sensibility: The Baby’s Diaper

Oh look, a diaper, well at least it’s better than online college. Now the problem with the diaper used in Sense and Sensibility is that it’s way too modern considering that in the 19th century, diapers were made of cloth.

Sense And Sensibility

Singin’ In the Rain: A Pink Dress? No Chance

WAHHH, it hurts too much to talk about the late-great Debbie Reynolds but alas, here we are. As the ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ actress portrayed Kathy Selden and “that” pink dress, well there is a bit of a mistake. You see, the pink dress is very 50’s whereas the movie took place in the late 20’s.

Singin’ In The Rain

The Doors: Ray Ban Sunglasses Didn’t Exist Yet

The Doors recaps the story of Jim Morrison and his epic 70’s rock band, The Doors. Val Kilmer, as you know, plays the role of the world’s legendary singer and often throughout the films, you see him donning Ray Ban sunglasses. Which is great, except for the fact that they weren’t produced until the 80’s.

The Doors

The Wedding Singer: Barrymore’s Haircut = 10 Years Later

Yup, the ultimate dynamic duo that is Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore make this list. And while we hate to nitpick The Wedding Singer , we must. Drew Barrymore’s adorable haircut was a total 90’s fashion trend but it doesn’t make sense seeing as how the film took place in the 80’s.

Picnic at Hanging Rock: Again Hair Makes The List

Set in the 1900’s, Picnic at Hanging Rock instead has you thinking the film is set in the 70’s and that all stems from the style of the actresses. With their hair down, straight, and parted in the middle, it’s easy to get confused. However in that time period, women should style their hair up with light tendrils.

Picnic At Hanging Rock

The Informant: Nike Golf Spikes Didn’t Exist Yet

1996 is the year that Nike released its golf spikes but in the film, which is set between 1992 to 1994, you see the actors sporting those shows. Whoops! Almost as easy as missing an online college final, or maybe not.

The Last Samurai: Tom Cruise’s Armor Was Too Old

Tom Cruise. That name alone is enough to get people to the cinema ASAP. So when The Last Samurai hit the big screen which tells the story of a retired U.S. officer who encounters Japanese samurai warriors, it’s enough to peak one’s interest. Although the armor that Cruise wears is way too old, in fact its 250 years old! What we mean is that his costume is from 250 years prior to the time period that he’s in.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button: Modern Sunglasses

No one can deny that The Curious Case of Benjamin Button has a seriously confusing story line but on top of that, it also sports a rather silly wardrobe mistake. Brad Pitt is seen wearing Ray Ban sunglasses in a scene in the year 1945…. But Ray Bans weren’t made until 1952 so?

Pirates of the Caribbean (The Curse of the Black Pearl): Redcoats – No Such Thing Then

Welp those pesky “Red Coats” in The Curse of the Black Pearl are WAY ahead of its time. As the film is set sometime around the 1720’s, there is no way the red coats, who only came around in 1747 could exist then.

Seabiscuit: Strapped Helmets Didn’t Exist Yet

Toby Maguire’s character of the jockey often wears a strapped helmet, which didn’t even exist until 1956. And the film takes place during the Great Depression. So either I need a lesson from online college or I’m missing something.

Pretty Woman: Vivian’s Gown Changes Length

When it comes to big mistakes. Big. Huge. Julia Roberts AKA Vivian is the expert. In the flick’s epic first kiss of the leading characters of Vivian and Edward, there’s a bit of a flaw though. Basically at the start of the scene, Vivian is wearing a long white nightgown but by the end of the scene, it’s now a short, white nightgown.

The Notebook: Lon’s Changing Hair Color

Allie and Noah 4Ever, people. However before these soulmates finally ended up together, Allie was engaged to Lon. But when Allie is waiting for Lon to recover from his horrible war wounds, his hair becomes a pesky problem. Why? It continues to change from brown to black and then brown again. HMM.

There Will Be Blood: Waffle Shoes Didn’t Exist Then

Daniel Day-Lewis’s role in There Will Be Blood told the story of a miner who became an oil magnate in the late 19th century. Thing is though, Lewis wears boots with waffle soles but uhh, those didn’t exist until the 70’s by Nike furthermore.

Pompeii: No Purple Capes

Unfortunately a few of the generals in Pompeii, which does include Kiefer Sutherland’s character wear purple capes. Seems innocent enough, right? Wrong. In this case, the Emperor at that time, Nero, had actually punished to death anyone who even dared to wear purple besides him.

Ben Hur: The Star of David

Jack Huston is the lead actor who starred in the film adaptation of the 1880 novel called Ben Hur: A Tale of the Christ. Well we guess he had no clue that the Star of David he was wearing is definitely out of time. Although it was a powerful sight to see, it actually wasn’t accurate as the first records associated with the Star of David were only found in the 12 century.

Ben Hur

Unforgiven: Belt Loops

So we’ll forgive this mistake, only because the 1992 was directed by the incredibly talented Clint Eastwood. Eastwood, Morgan Freeman, and Gene Hackman are just some of the names to hit the screen of this film. However as the setting is in 1880 in Wyoming, when we see Gene Hackman’s character wearing belt loops, we’re a bit confused. As they didn’t become popular until the 20’s.

Quadrophenia: Band Didn’t Exist Then

So the story-line of the film follows the rivalry between two British subcultures, the rockers and the mods. Now, toss online college out the window because the film was set in the 60’s and someone is wearing a Motorhead T-shirt. That band was only formed in 1975, which coincidentally is when the film was shot, but still, an easy and avoidable mistake.

The Great Escape: Trendy Clothes

60’s fashion has long been questioned and Steve McQueen is no exception. In the film, we watch the tale of World War II British prisoners of war who escaped from Germany. However judging by the khaki’s and cut-off t-shirt, we might believe that it’s the 90’s and not 60’s.

Pretty Woman: Edward’s Tie

Oh look, another big, huge mistake from Pretty Woman. And yes, we did just recycle that joke! Come on, it’s funny. So in the scene where Vivian is watching I Love Lucy, she goes up to Edward and undoes his fancy tie, which is always wears. Then she continues watching the show. However by the next shot, Edward has his tie done back up but then undone again. Wait, what?

Where Eagles Dare: It’s The Hair

Set during WW2, while filming in 1968, starred Clint Eastwood, Richard Burton, and Ingrid Pitt. However looks like producers might need online college again as they made a pretty simple mistake. They actually styled Pitt’s hair, who plays the German waitress Heidi, in a 60’s fashion. Not so period orientated.

Pirates Of The Caribbean: Giddy Up

Pretty sure there were absolutely no cowboys around when the pirates were roaming around. Not even online college was an option then, but that’s a given.

The Aviator: The Glasses

So the super thin, frameless glasses that Robert Gross sports in The Aviator are a way too modern look for the 1920’s.

Alien: That Helmet

So, we don’t need to be online college educated to see that Kane’s hood magically disappears when the alien steps in and removes his helmet.

The Empire Strikes Back: That Jacket

Han Solo is just THE best, but uhh, where’d that jacket come from?

The Wizard Of Oz: Red Slippers?

One of the greatest movies ever made! Right? Right. So we all know that Dorothy has magical ruby slippers but uhh, these look pretty black and not red to me. Explain please? Someone…anyone?

The Avengers: The Suit

Hey, could someone clue us in on how his suit just magically fixed itself? We’ll wait, it’s not like we have online college homework or anything.

Full Metal Jacket: Wrap

In case you didn’t hear it at online college, but a picture is worth a thousand words! Especially when a wrap just goes “poof.”

Harry Potter: The Suitcase

Well, maybe the original suitcase was lost, stolen, damaged? You just never know!

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Catch Me If You Can: Braces Didn’t Exist Yet until the 1970’s

Well that’s good to know. So what was all the shiny metal and stainless steel wires that were wrapped around my teeth called back in 1963-’65? My mom and dad said they were braces and even paid for them…

The only one I’m going to comment on is

The Untouchables: Lapels Didn’t Exist Yet – Lapels were introduced somewhere between the 1920’s and the 1930’s and though they have changed a bit over the decades, they’ve been around for some time. So yes, suits and coats like the ones seen in the movie existed at that time.

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