Could Aliens Be Watching Over Russian World Cup After ‘UFO Sighting’

Could Aliens Be Watching Over Russian World Cup After ‘UFO Sighting’

Interest in the World Cup may stretch beyond the stars, it has turned out – after reports of a UFO arrival in Russia.

Footage has emerged of a “giant stingray” lighting up the skies over northern Russia.

A nervous woman who spotted the mystery lights in the city of Kirov wrote: “What the hell was that? It doesn’t look like anything I’ve previously seen.”

Many suggested an extraterrestrial phenomenon over Russia.

“The aliens have arrived for the World Cup,” said one.

The spooky display was visible from Nizhny Novgorod where England play on 24 June.

“Is that a rocket, a fireball or a UFO over Nizhny Novgorod? Talk to me comrades, I’m worried!,” posted Andrey.

The spectacular footage had another explanation, according to Russian space officials.

The eerie light show coincided with a Soyuz-2.1.B launch from Plesetsk cosmodrome in the country’s sub-Arctic Arkhangelsk region.

The rocket with a Glonass-M satellite was at 00.46 Moscow time on Sunday, 17 June.

The satellite was safely delivered to target orbit by a Fregat upper stage rocket, said military officials.

While the Ministry of Defence reported a successful launch, some people on Russian social media went into a panic mode after seeing the spectacular visual display.

“I’ve seen alien life and it looks like a stingray,” said one.

As it developed, it morphed into a jellyfish in the night sky, said another.

“What an mazing display.”

Glonass is Russia’s own global satellite navigation system.

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