Country Clubbers Call The Cops On Group Of Black Women Golfers For Playing Too Slowly

A dispute about pace of play at Grandview Golf Course has led to allegations of racial and gender discrimination from a group of African-American women.

The five women, including York County’s NAACP chapter president Sandra Thompson, were playing a round of golf Saturday, April 21, at the Dover Township course and were repeatedly confronted, according to a Facebook post by Thompson that had been shared more than 130 times by Monday.

Thompson said former York County Commissioner Steve Chronister, who identified himself as Grandview’s owner, first approached the group after they teed off on hole No. 2.

She said Chronister suggested they leave and he would refund their money, but Thompson told him they were members and wanted to continue playing.

The group had started about an hour after their scheduled tee time because of a frost delay, and Thompson said it seemed as if Chronister was trying to blame them — the only female and African-American group on the course — for the club’s backlog.

Thompson said the group ended up skipping hole No. 3 because of the delay caused by the interaction with Chronister in an attempt to keep pace with the group in front of them.

Three members of the group left after nine holes because of the “wrongful treatment,” according to Thompson’s post, but the two remaining were confronted again by Chronister and a group of other men before teeing off on hole No. 10.

Even taking the men at their word that the women were playing too slowly for the course’s pace of play rules, calling the cops in this situation is nuts.
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Thompson shared a video from this exchange, which includes a man who identifies himself as Jordan Chronister, Steve’s son and co-owner of the club, telling the women to remove themselves from the premises.

“We’ve asked you three times now to remove yourselves from the premises, and you have yet to remove yourselves,” Jordan Chronister said to the women in the video.

Thompson wrote that police were called, and they waited and spoke to the police, who were respectful.

The police eventually told them that Grandview wanted to cancel their memberships and had checks ready to give them, Thompson said, but they declined, as they wanted an official letter sent to them in the mail describing why their memberships were being canceled.

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