Country Drummer Falls Backwards Through A Window


Friday night in Nashville, if you happened to be walking down Broadway Street at just the right time, you would have seen a rather dapper looking gentleman come crashing through a window and onto the sidewalk. That man was Don Kelley Band drummer Stan Saxon, and he managed to play another four-hour set after the fall, despite suffering a broken rib.

There are so many twists and turns in this short video! OK, fine, there’s one. If you were going into this with zero information, other than one of the people in this band falls down, you probably would have guessed it was going to be the guy surfing a double bass. Then, suddenly, Saxon swoops in and tries to stand up on his stool, only to be forcefully yanked backwards by his in-ear monitor.

Since he didn’t bother to stop playing the night this incident took place, it shouldn’t surprise you to know he was back at it Saturday night as well.

Country Drummer Falls Backwards Through A Window

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