Couple Shot By Police During Sex Dressed As The Joker And Harley Quinn

A couple dressed as Batman villains The Joker and Harley Quinn were shot in Australia after a strange mix-up at a swingers party.

The duo were attending a ‘Saints and Sinners party’ at the Inflation nightclub in Melbourne which encourages people to come in costume and ‘engage in adult fantasies’.

Armed police raided the club at 3.41am on Saturday after reports were made that a man was inside with a weapon.

When the police arrived they were confronted by the party-goer dressed as The Joker who, according to club security, pulled out a replica pistol.

Thinking that there was an immediate threat, the man was shot at by police and taken to the Royal Melbourne Hospital in a critical condition but was later stabilised

The woman dressed as Harley Quinn was also shot in the leg and taken to The Alfred hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

It is believed that the couple were engaged in a sex act when the 40 member Critical Incident Response Team stormed into the club.

The owner of the nightclub, Martha Tsamis, took to social media to express her anger over the incident.

She said on Facebook:

Security verified that a plastic toy accessory was displayed to, and passed by security and this information was given to police on arrival.

No patron at the event came to us to inform our staff or security of this concern but apparently made an anonymous triple zero call to police.

Staff and security have vehemently stated that at no time did they make a call to police for assistance, or indeed, saw the need to.

Security had no concerns prior to the incident, and advised police on attendance that they were more than happy to deal with any issues.

But police rejected this advice, stormed in, fired three shots, and a taser, with the outcome being two people suffering from serious gunshot wounds.

Obviously, this matter will require further investigation but on the evidence available to us, police have over reacted to an anonymous phone call, ignored the advice of security who did not believe there was no incident that required anything more than clarification.

Tsamis also added that a formal complaint has been lodged that demands a full investigation.

It is understood the shooting was captured on CCTV and this footage has been removed from the venue by the police.

The Professional Standards Command will investigate the incident as is usual when there has been a police shooting.

If you are thinking of taking a fake gun to a club, maybe think twice as it could get you shot. Common sense, isn’t it?


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