Couples Make Own Sex Tapes For Social Experiment TV Show


There’s a lot of weird stuff on TV, which you’ll either tune into shamelessly or ‘stumble upon’ while flicking through the channels after MasterChef has finished.

Now there’s another to add to that ‘accidental’ late night viewing roster, as Channel 4 announces a new programme that involves couples making – and sharing – their very own sex tapes.

Unlike the seedy celeb sex tapes that we’re sure absolutely none of you will have seen, the premise of this show is to get couples who are in a bit of a bad patch to film everything in their home – from the blazing rows right through to the make-up sex that follows.

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Each episode of the four-part reality series will feature three couples, who will be taking part in the groundbreaking, if not slightly bizarre, social experiment.

The hope is that their involvement in Sex Tape will help couples work through their problems and fix their ailing relationships.

Channel 4 factual entertainment commissioning editor Becky Cadman said: “Sex Tape promises a unique fly-on-the-wall look at relationships as they really happen including the good, the bad and the ugly.

“It’s an innovative new format that will hopefully help people recapture the romance in their relationship.”

Executive producer Gary Chippington said the show was a “ground-breaking series”.

Sex Tape promises to be a perceptive, revealing and surprising social experiment offering a fascinating insight into intimacy,” he said.

It’s not like Channel 4 hasn’t gone into similar territories before – as you’ll know if you’ve ever watched the slightly controversial series Sex Box, in which people literally have sex in a box. On TV.

In Sex Box, couples would discuss what they were thinking, fresh after a roll about in bed.

Then, of course, there’s also Naked Attraction, which sees people get their kit off in their search for love.

Speaking about his experience on the show, former contestant Gavin told the i that it was ‘all very good fun’.

He said: “Good banter. It’s sort of what you get in a football dressing room, everyone taking the piss out of themselves. Most of the people who appear on the show are quite like-minded.”

Filming started at 7am and runs through until 3pm – yet despite this, Gavin said it was ‘enjoyable’.

He added: “You were sweating because there was a light shining on you, but there was a draft so it was a bit cold, so there was quite a lot of shaking going on by the boys.

“Whenever the camera wasn’t on, everyone was shaking themselves to try and make themselves look bigger. I don’t feel like I put in a bad performance.”

He also said that although he didn’t feel changed after the show, some contestants said they definitely felt more confident.

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