Courtney Love Is $560K In The Hole on Taxes

Courtney Love Is $560K In The Hole on Taxes –

Courtney Love is over half a million dollars in the hole with Uncle Sam. Citing The Blast, the report says the singer owes precisely $568,674.62 to the IRS. The report comes at the heels of news Love shelled out $319,749.27 to cover unpaid taxes dating back to 2012. While a massive sum to most, the debts are paltry compared with what the singer herself says she’s lost over the years.


Back in 2014, Love told Australia’s Style magazine that she’d “lost about $27 million,” most of which she said went to settling lawsuits. That same year, Love was reportedly sued by a Manhattan psychiatrist who said she owed $48,250 worth of treatment for which she was accused of never paying. This month, Love appeared in a new music video released by fellow 1990s rock royalty, Marilyn Manson.


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