She Gives Herself a Hand (or 2)


Courtney Stodden‘s Hollywood destiny has finally been fulfilled — she’s recorded a sex tape, and it’s about to go to the highest bidder.

Sources in the sex tape game told us 20-year-old Courtney recently shot her porn debut — and it’s being shopped around town. This ain’t our first rodeo … so, we figured the tape would eventually make it to the desk of Vivid Entertainment honcho Steven Hirsch, and … bingo!

Hirsch confirms he’s already seen the video, and reveals it’s a solo effort (think Octomom, but hotter) — sorry, Doug Hutchison fans. He also says the DD photo op queen “looks amazing, this is the most unique footage I’ve ever seen.”

As for whether Vivid’s bidding on the tape — Hirsch wouldn’t tip his hand.

But y’know the game by now — Courtney has to sign off for the video to be legally distributed, and our guess is if Hirsch gets her to do that … it’s just a matter of time before there’s a full release.

If there’s any doubt she wants this out … remember, this is the chick who couldn’t shake out of her bikini top fast enough.



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