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Cross Country Runner Sent Flying By Deer

Cross Country Runner Sent Flying By Deer


Just so you know, Justin DeLuzio, the guy who got hit by the deer is OK. A few of his Gwynedd Mercy University teammates came to check on him and one ran alongside DeLuzio the rest of the way. He finished the race — the last of his college career — and obviously didn’t come away unscathed, but all in all, no serious injuries.

So, feel free to watch that on loop until Vine eventually shuts down without feeling guilty. I mean, how can you not? Both the dude’s feet leave the ground. Plus, it kind of sounds like DeLuzio himself is the one who screams “watch out for the deer!” I can’t confirm that, but I choose to believe it because it makes the video that much funnier. What else is there to say after that other than, “Oooh, shit”?

I know in the past I’ve been easily panicked and declared any and all animal attacks to be part of the Great Shark War. I’m willing to chalk this one up to just pure bad luck though. This didn’t look like an organized strike by the deer since they only took out one person.

If you ever needed another excuse to never go outside and exercise, you can now add not wanting to get launched into the air by deer to the list. That’s a thing that can happen apparently.


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