Cuckold Husbands Confess Why They Love It –



1. Being cuckolded is a very very exciting experience. Initially starts with a feeling of jealousy, but later it turns to be sweet. Can’t explain the feeling exactly by words.

My heart pumps faster. I feel that there is some kind of inferiority somewhere within I feel that I am not able to satisfy my wife to the fullest. She needs to have better and stronger orgasms…. I am not such a strong male… etc etc…

When we had our first cuckold experience, initially I was nervous, anticipating what would happen. Will my wife dump me after she gets complete pleasure from someone other than me. Will our relationship head for a turmoil. But nothing happened like that. We first started with light music and drinks at my place. Then slowly my wife and the bull (one of my close friend) started getting intimate. They then closed the door and made me sit outside the room leaving me to imagine lot of things…. After hearing the laughter of my wife I was almost getting killed. My heart was beating heavily, my hands on my stuff.

The slowly I requested them to enter in. Initially the bull was not agreeing. But then later he agreed to get me in and then the excitement reached a different level.

My wife was behaving strangely. She ignored me initially. Then she started treating me like a servant. I rubbed her hands gave her more pleasure….


2. In short, incredible.

I knelt beside her while she had another man in her mouth. I kissed her cheek while her mouth was full, and then whispered in her ear how much I loved her.

Still holding him in her hand, she let him out of her mouth, turned to me to give me a full kiss, and told me she loved me too. Then she turned away, and resumed sucking the other guy.

I’d never felt anything like it. I knew this was our future. I loved every moment.


3. I used to be a straight cuckold with a wife who eventually left me for one of her lovers. And yes, being left and divorced was actually a HOT experience, as strangely as it may sound.

Now I’m a gay cuckold with a fiancee that I adore totally. So cuckolding in my case transcends sexual orientation.

Well, my awesome boyfriend has joined the forum, and I’m so happy about that. We’re intensely close – and that’s why being cuckolded by him means everything, because I love him totally. If I didn’t, cuckolding would not be possible for me – I need to sacrifice – I need to put his sexual adventures above my own.

I get an overwhelming feeling of calmness and happiness and want to feel his happiness and his lust for other men – while at the same time doing all I can to keep him safe, comfortable and free at home – and while simultaneously our loyalty flourishes. Being cuckolded is just such an amazing feeling digging so deep into both taboo and reality – the reality of jealousy as a feeling to bring one closer to one’s partner – and also to the initial dangers of cuckolding – I’ve met the consequences of cuckolding – namely being left.

To me cuckolding happens in the mind much more than in a physical, sexual reality – surely, it can encompass threesomes and watching, however for me it’s the socalled “cuckold-angst” that is overwhelming.

Let me try to explain – but remember, this is merely MY personal experience of the aspects of cuckolding, it may be completely different for others.

To me cuckold-angst is the magic feeling of jealousy intertwined with eroticism. The delicious PANG of jealousy when witnessing your lover/fiancee/better half being totally absorbed in some one else while at the same time TRULY wishing him/her a tremendous sexual and even romantic experience with that other lover. And to me this is actually less connected with being a participant (even though I’ve done that, and that’s super fine too) or watching the actual sexual romance going on. It’s much more the little things, like witnessing their flirting/chatting, learning about their escapades, feeling their intensity for and with each other.

I believe that it could probably have some roots in emotional masochism – but again, I’m not sure. It’s so non-normative that I cannot truly find any logic explanation – except maybe that our so called normative behavior of monogamy is actually unnatural?

What ever the psychological or neurological explanation, then I just feel totally safe and wonderful being a cuckold.


4. The first time is like a.roller coaster. You know you’re safe, but it’s still scary. After that, assuming the other person involved is into it, it is pretty fun.

A lot of it depends on why you’re doing it. Is it because you like to watch your partner having sex? Are you into the humiliation thing? Do you get off on other guys wanting your partner, but can’t really have her?

We stumbled into it by accident. Long story short, we went dancing, she got on the floor with a dude that was a bit grabby and, although I was a tad miffed at him, I was also really turned on. After some talking and testing the water, went went all the way with it. What was key to the enjoyment was despite there being a third party, he wasn’t the focus. He was an accessory to our sex. That is the point of it. How does it affect your relationship? It made us better partners. It made us trust each other more deeply. It reaffirmed how much we care about each other. It washed away doubt.


5. It is the most intense emotional feeling that I have ever experienced. Nothing compares to the feelings inside me when I am cuckolded. It isn’t just the knowing or a thought..I can actually feel the angst inside my chest..like a knot of churning boiling emotions. My entire psyche is focused on my wife and I worship her for being my hotwife. It changes me into a different better husband. She knows that this is the best way to get anything she wants out of me…whether it be attention or gifts for her. She has me wrapped around her little finger and she knows it is all down to her cuckolding me. If I see her flirting or texting with a lover I will become aroused…my heart will beat faster and I will have an erection. My wife will notice this as she looks at me to see if I have seen her chatting to her lover. She deliberately lets me see because she knows it will excite me. If she has a date planned she will tell me. I am instantly on fire and sexually excited for her. My jealousy will burn inside me and I will feel angry…betrayed…hurt..confused…tortured. Yet through all this my raging erection will be throbbing down below and my excitement grows steadily.

If the lover is willing he will also likely send me texts telling me where he is taking my wife, what he wants me to pick out for her to wear and then what he intends to do to her. This will increase my jealousy and anger and I will become more and more agitated and the power of my erection and excitement increase further. I will go pick out the requested lingerie and clothing and lay them on our bed for my wife. I will watch as she undresses, sometimes not letting me see before slipping into the shower. I watch through the steamy glass as my wonderful wife cleanses herself for another man. My feelings will be screaming at me right then as she emerges from the bathroom wrapped in a fluffy white towel. If it is required I will carefully shave my wife ready for her lover, making sure she is beautifully smooth ready for his touch. I will then watch as she dresses in the lingerie I bought for her; garter belt with suspenders, stockings. Matching panties that go on over the suspenders, bra cupping her large breasts. Appropriate dress for the evening and high heels. I watch, my jealousy burning hot in my tummy as I see her smile as she hears the car horn. She excitedly skips to the door to go out on a date with her lover. She opens it before turning and throwing something at me as she leaves….her panties. I watch her get in his car and he kisses her then they leave.

My stomach is churning, my head is spinning, my heart is pounding with raging jealousy. I pace around the empty house in frustration, anxiety and confusion coursing through my whole body. My emotions are all burning intensely leaving me trembling and almost crying in torment. But the erection which is throbbing between my legs, the wetness I feel on the end of my painfully engorged penis tells me that I am in sexual heaven…because I am a cuckold. I have learned that it is the mix of torturous feelings and ripped emotions which give me so much pleasure. The shear torment of knowing my wife is enjoying an evening with a lover, followed by a fantastic lovemaking session…this is what a cuckold dreams of…. it will be a long night as I will not be able to turn these feelings off until I have my wife in my arms again.. or sleep takes me if she doesn’t return.

This night the two of them came back to our house unexpectedly early. I heard the car pull up and them laughing approaching the door and as they entered. I could hear kissing and giggling as they passed the door to the lounge and went up to our bedroom. I heard the door close and then made my way to the spare room next door. I could hear the two of them fooling around, undressing each other and my wife’s moans and giggles told me which part of her body he was touching. I heard the bed creak as they both lay down and more kissing sounds reached my ears. I closed my eyes to try to imagine what he was doing to her. Fitting the squeals and giggles to what I imagined was happening. Then I heard the unmistakable moan my wife makes when I know she is being penetrated by a very large cock . My wife had told me he was VWE but this moan I have never heard her make with me. It is reserved for men with larger equipment than I…and yes the sound sent jealousy crashing through my body. My breathing coming in short gasps as my heart pounded in my chest. In fact the sounds she was making sounded like she was being hurt, which meant he was almost too big for her…but this sound instantly turned to one of pleasure at the end of each thrust he made into her. A kind of “NOOO!!…YEAH.. OH GOD” I could hear the bed creaking as he ravaged my wife in our marital bed with his superior cock.. something I will never be allowed to do again. Once or twice I heard her orgasm rip through her as her squeals reached a crescendo. My chest was heaving and my pulse racing with cuckold angst. Jealousy for my beautiful sexy wife ripping through my whole being, almost tearing me apart with its soul destroying pain. Tears pricked my eyes as my torment was all but complete. I heard the sounds of lovemaking intensify as he clearly approached his own peak. I could hear his groans of pleasure and my wife’s loud moans as he thrust deep inside her again and again. I was on my knees at this point crying, my hands against the wall in utter despair. Then after one almighty deep long groan from him and a high pitched then silent scream from my wife….I knew he was spurting his seed deep inside my wife. Tears rolled down my face and I collapsed onto the floor an emotional wreck as the moment I had been waiting for arrived. My wife inseminated with sperm by another man with a very large cock. I was sobbing in the spare room my emotions finally tearing through me and culminating in my crying quietly in cuckold ecstasy. A cuckold who was sporting the hardest erection he had ever had…it was raging and throbbing painfully giving away the fact that I was highly sexually aroused.

Yes. I ultimately enjoy this whole experience. The cuckold high it produces is like nothing you could ever experience. Only one more ounce of pleasure could they allow me tonight. Sometimes they ask me in to perform cleanup duties on her. I was not disappointed, I heard my wife call my name…she knew I would be listening. I entered to find them still coupled in our bed, her legs wrapped around his back, holding him deep inside her, draining every last drop of his sperm. The quilt was tossed onto the floor, the sheets all over the place. They both saw my tears and then my obvious erect penis and both of them laughed at me. I saw his flaccid cock pull out of my wife, still a good 7 inches long compared to my 6 when fully erect. She immediately closed her legs to hold in his precious seed. I knelt on the floor before her as he went to the bathroom and I looked at my wife’s swollen inflamed sex. She opened her legs and as she did so his semen ran from her. I felt her hand on my head as she pulled me into her and I performed the ultimate cuckold duty and used my tongue on her battered raw sex. I could taste him and I could taste her. She pulled me in harder as I lapped at her and she squealed as I brought her to orgasm a couple more times. I could feel my pulsing erection against the bed as I pleasured my wife, hard, painfully hard..yet unused and unnecessary…redundant. This is my place …my ultimate place to be giving my wonderful wife orgasms whilst she is sated by another man, filled with his seed. Once she was happy she pushed me away and told me he was staying the night. I slept in the spare room and listened to them coupling several more times. I lay not being able to sleep, my erection raging all night, sore against the quilt, leaking profusely…excited with no hope of release.. not wanting to sleep as my beautiful hotwife made me a perfect cuckold. I love my wife.

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