Cursing Is A Sign Of High Intelligence According To A Study

Man holding up his middle finger

Well shit, would you look at that?

Excessive cursing is usually a sign of low intelligence or a lack of solid vocabulary, that’s why it’s best to keep that SHIT bottled in. But according to a scientific study from Marist College in NY, intelligent people use more curse words. That’s right, a-holes.

The study suggests that a healthy vocabulary of curse words is a sign of a rhetorical skill, so all those people you see at Walmart losing their minds and cursing up a storm over a coupon may actually be smart! Unlikely, but I said “may” be smart.


The study also revealed that people who could name the most swear words in one minute tend to have a greater overall vocabulary. Hell, and here I thought having this English degree meant something, but all along I was a genius with the amount of swear words I toss left and right when the operator keeps me on hold.


At the end of the study, the participants were able to come up with 533 different taboo words. Which is about 500 less than what the average human who has ever spent time at the DMV knows.

And guess what? Curse word fluency was found to be connected to traits of neuroticism and openness. Fuck yes! Although, the study showed no major difference in results between men and women. So we are all just geniuses who enjoy dropping curse words.



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