Customers Upset After Amazon Driver Throws Their Packages

Customers Upset After Amazon Driver Throws Their Packages


Amazon can deliver just about anything to your doorstep. The company released a promotional video showing products zipping through a warehouse, which includes a smiling driver lovingly carrying packages to hand to customers. An Amazon customer from southwest suburban Plainfield recorded a video showing the opposite behavior, an Amazon driver chucking packages through the air. The Amazon customer reached out to CBS 2 for help. “It’s just inappropriate,” stated Amazon customer, David Corsi. “I wish Amazon would take it more to heart.”

Corsi contacted CBS 2 after he says Amazon couldn’t get their female driver to stop throwing packages. “Obviously no one spoke to her because the behavior continues,” Corsi explained. Dressed like she’s ready to go to the gym, the driver throws packages on doorsteps like she’s throwing a Frisbee and other times like a bowling ball. “She seems to be running and hustling, but can’t go to the last six feet, can she?” observed Corsi.

David Corsi and three neighbors captured the video of the rogue driver on their Ring doorbells. Amazon now owns Ring, an irony not lost on David. “Their own products showing the deficiencies in their own delivery service,” he said. Corsi says he’s seen the Amazon driver laughing and talking to herself, as well. “I don’t think it’s very funny,” said Corsi. “I certainly don’t think it’s a humorous thing to discover it could be damaged through negligence.”

The laughing shows she is well aware she’s doing something she shouldn’t be doing and taking pleasure in it. Amazon released a statement saying, “This does not reflect the high standards we have for delivery service providers. We expect every package to be handled with care. We’re addressing this with the service provider and reached out to the customer to make things right.” Corsi says he’s satisfied with Amazon’s response but claims he is disappointed that his first complaints weren’t taken seriously.

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