Dad Attacked for Bringing Daughter Into Walmart Men’s Room

Dad Attacked for Bringing Daughter Into Walmart Men’s Room

More drama in America’s public bathrooms: The New York Daily News reports a Utah father was attacked in a Walmart men’s restroom after he brought his 5-year-old daughter in with him. Christopher Adams was shopping for storage bins and window blinds when his daughter and 7-year-old son decided they both needed to go to the bathroom, reportsKSL. Not wanting to leave his daughter alone in the store or send her into the women’s restroom on her own, Adams took her into the men’s restroom with him and his son. That’s when the trouble started.

Adams says a man at a urinal started “freaking out” and “dropping the F-bomb” over the presence of his daughter, which the man said was “inappropriate.” When Adams offered a retort of some kind, the man allegedly started shoving him. Adams says he turned to get his kids out of the restroom and was punched in the eye. He says the man continued to punch and kick him. “I didn’t know how far it was going to escalate, so I just kind of heaved him out of the bathroom,” Adams tells Fox 13. He says he held the man on the ground until Walmart employees arrived to help. The man was cited for disorderly conduct and could face assault charges. “I just think it’s ridiculous,” Adams tells KSL.


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