Dad Posts ‘Child Molester’ Sign After 16-Year-Old Daughter’s Relationship With 21-Year-Old Neighbor

What’s a dad to do when his precious 16-year-old daughter has a sexual relationship with a 21-year-old man and it’s perfectly legal? Make a huge sign to broadcast it to everyone of course!

We take you to Arkansas where this fired up father made a huge sign that said the man who slept with his daughter is a “child molester.” After learning about the relationship, Shelton Kitchens called the St. Francis County Sheriff’s Office. He even met with a deputy about his daughter’s older love interest, but police couldn’t file criminal charges because the age of consent is 16 in Arkansas.

After exhausting his legal options, Shelton made and posted a sign that read, “DANGER! CHiLD MOLESTER LiVES IN FIRST HOUSE ON THE RIGHT.” The sign, which also listed the 21-year-old’s last name, was put up at Shelton’s tire shop. The 21-year-old, who apparently does not subscribe to the Half Plus Seven philosophy, apparently lives near his tire shop.

WREG interviewed the angry dad.

“She got lured in by puppies,” Shelton said. This “child molester” is straight out of central casting. What no candy?

“I find my daughter like she’s almost eaten alive. It’s sickening when you raise her shirt and look at it. Hickeys all over,” the furious father said, which kinda sounds child molester-y.

“I think I messed up by calling the law,” Shelton said. Lucky for that 21-year-old.

“I want awareness put to other parents so they don’t have to go through what I’ve gone through the last few days,” Kitchens said.

Kitchens said his daughter stopped seeing the man. He added that she’s traumatized and will probably have to go to therapy.

P.S. I know Shelton is dealing with a lot right now, but what’s up with the lower case “i” in the words “CHiLD” and “FiRST” but not in the word “RIGHT.” Don’t mean to be a design Nazi, but go all caps or go home.

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