Dad Sleeps With Mother And Daughter In Most Incestuous Jeremy Kyle Ever

Dad Sleeps With Mother And Daughter In Most Incestuous Jeremy Kyle Ever


Now this one might take you a while to get your head around, but it involves incest of sorts, bigamy, cheating, lying, and lots of anger.

This morning’s episode of Jeremy Kyle saw a bigamist mum-of-two Angie accept a proposal from toothless Glen, minutes after she found out he had been sleeping with her daughter Patricia.

Ruthless Jezza told Angie that she deserved to be cheated on after she left glen for her ex-boyfriend Michael just 12 days after their ‘wedding’ (the wedding was in fact void because she is technically still married to a third man, Andrew).

It’s hard to take in, but do your best…

Between the cheating accusation, lie detector results, and marriage proposal, Angie’s other daughter Denise comes on stage and calls her a ‘fucking tramp’ and shouts ‘the funny thing is Ange, which you don’t get, Glen’s been playing you too’, the Sun reports.

Then the gloves were off for Jeremy, he said:

You described your mother as a tramp. She’s playing two men at once and sleeping with lots of other people.

She got married to Glen, hadn’t even got divorced.

She’s a total fraud, but that in itself is funny because you have proof he the step-father, who apparently loves your mother and fights for her, is having sexual relations with her daughter Patricia

The man you keep leaving and going back to is sleeping with your daughter.


Patricia, who has been compared to Susan Boyle, thought that Glen was in love with her and wanted a relationship with her, so slept with him a few times.

It seems that Ange didn’t know it was illegal to be married to two men at once, shrugging off the fact that she was still married to a third man, Andrew.

In an ending that completely threw Mr Kyle himself, Glen and Angie kissed and celebrated their future marriage.

I’d like to say this was a happy ending, but I’m not really sure what just happened.

I guess it’s a pretty good ending for a Jeremy Kyle episode.


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