Dallas Woman Tries To Get Two Children To Help Her Rob A Walmart

Dallas Woman Tries To Get Two Children To Help Her Rob A Walmart

And yes, Dallas, and not Florida. That might be the craziest part of this all.

If you’re looking for the most bizarre incidents, look no further than your local Walmart. Walmart was the place where a woman hit a family with her car because Walmart wouldn’t let her return her batteries. And it’s also the same place where two men rode their horses through while shopping. You know, not so typical stuff. And we can add the story below to the list.

Castle Kameron Gately, a 23-year-old woman was arrested after police say, and get this, she lured two kids that weren’t her own from their homes. And how did she do it? With candy of course. According to the boys, ages five and six, they followed Gately because she promised to buy them “whatever they wanted.” And a witness told police that he saw Gately “luring the children with a chocolate bar” while the kids were playing together, so he followed her to the Wal-Mart, about a mile away from the children’s homes.

Once at Walmart, Gately was arrested on a shoplifting charge after she was seen stealing with the children. Loss-prevention workers realized that these kids may not belong to Gately, and after questioning them they discovered that Gately didn’t even know these kids.

But don’t worry, there’s more. Gately had a bag of meth tucked in her bra at the time of her arrest. What a gal.

Gately now faces two charges of unlawful restraint of a minor, one count of substance possession and one count of property theft under $30,000.

The little kid-thieves were returned to their moms, who had both called 911 to report them missing.


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