Dark Details Revealed About British Man’s Malaga ‘Sex Death’

Dark Details Revealed About British Man’s Malaga ‘Sex Death’



Steven Allford, 51, was discovered at 9am on Friday by a security guard with his hands and feet bound by plastic ties and his trousers pulled down on a beach near to the terminal at Malaga Airport.

But now its been reported that bizarrely he had a slice of ham on each bum cheek and his genitals were found in an open tuna can.

Police are now allegedly trying to find out whether the shocking food-based related finds have any connection to his death or it’s just part of a ‘sick joke’, The Mirror reports

Detectives are now awaiting the results of a post-mortem, but they believe he may have been asphyxiated- with some sources claiming that it was due to him choking on his own vomit after consuming a large amount of alcohol.

One source said: “There were no obvious signs of violence on his body but the position he was found in suggested foul play.”

While another source suggested that investigators thought he may have been the victim of a sex assault.

Police are now trying to establish what Steven was doing at the airport and whether he had missed a flight home or was sleeping rough.

They managed to identify Steven after finding documents among belongings next to his body, but it remains unknown where in the UK he was originally from.

R.I.P. Steven.


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