Dashcam Shows Cop Opens Fire On Fleeing Suspect – Was He Justified?


Forest Acres, SC – A police video released Thursday by the State Law Enforcement Division of the May 19 shooting of a motorist by a Forest Acres police officer shows the officer firing seven shots into a slow-moving car as the motorist began to drive away.“

Stop! Stop! Do not make me shoot you!” yells the officer, who is on foot in front of the vehicle
with his weapon drawn and pointed at the car’s windshield. The driver is inside a small sedan and is the car’s only occupant.

The officer fires seven shots, rapidly and from a close distance – perhaps less than 10 feet away – as the car moves slowly, turns toward the officer and then appears to try to go around the officer. The motorist then pulls away from the scene and moves out of range of the officer’s dash-cam, which recorded the event.

Both hands of the motorist are fleetingly visible in the video, and he appears not to be holding a weapon, although two guns later were found in the car.

The officer has been suspended with pay while his use of deadly force is under scrutiny after the early-morning shooting near an apartment complex. He has not been identified. The driver, a 17-year-old, was hit at least once and was hospitalized, jailed, then released on bond.


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