Dating App Exposes Cheating Douches Trying To Hide They’re Married

A dating app has decided to act as a moral authority and expose people who are ‘cheating’.

This dating app is specially designed to expose cheating spouses

Dating app Hinge released an update Thursday that immediately makes public users’ relationship statuses. We can literally hear hearts breaking.

Remember when you gave Hinge access to the information on your Facebook profile? That includes your relationship status. Now they’re roping that into your Hinge presence, along with your name and your dumb profile picture from college.


“Married, engaged or in a relationship on Facebook? Version 3.5 of Hinge will publish that info to your profile,” says a press release from Hinge.

Hinge says the decision was in response to a recent poll by GlobalWebIndex, which found that 42% of Tinder users are already in relationships.

“1.6% of our users are married or engaged,” Hinge community liaison Jean-Marie McGrath tellsMashable. “That’s a low number, but we want to make sure Hinge remains a safe place for people looking for dates and relationships.”

In other words, take your infidelity and hookup culture somewhere else.

BUT Hinge’s decision to display a users’ Facebook relationship status may backfire, with people flocking to rival services.

The dating app is already lagging behind Tinder in terms of members, with its rival seemingly having no problem with married people hooking up on its service.

It was recently revealed a third of Tinder’s users could be hitched.

It’s strange anyone would want to use Hinge to cheat as it works by hooking up people through mutual Facebook friends, which is a bit close to home.

But that’s not stopping the Hinge, which apparently prides itself of being a ‘trusted place’ to meet single people.

Each user’s Hinge profile will disclose whether that person is in a relationship, engaged or married. It will not share if a user is single or if they don’t have a relationship status listed on Facebook.

And you don’t have to Facebook-stalk to reach the info. It sits right underneath the Hinge user’s profile pic — in black and white.

The change only affects 3.2% of current users, however, the total percentage of users who currently have “in a relationship,” “married” or “engaged” listed on their Facebook profile.

“We hope that by announcing this early people who are in fake relationships on Facebook (with their best friends, etc.) will update their profiles to reflect their accurate relationship status,” says McGrath.

So, d-bags, don’t be surprised if a few people call off their dates with you in the coming days.

Cheaters be warned, Hinge won’t put up with your wandering ways.



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