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Daughter Confronts Twisted Mum Who Made Her Have Sex With Her Dad

Daughter Confronts Twisted Mum Who Made Her Have Sex With Her Dad

In a particularly heartbreaking episode of The Dr Phil Show, a woman has confronted her parents who sexually abused and plied with alcohol from the age of 11.

Speaking 20 years after the abuse, Amanda told her story after her parents made her pose for sexual photos and videotaped their sexual encounters to sell them online.

She told the audience: “My innocence was stolen from me.”

Her mother, Justine – who appeared remorseful for her actions – claimed that she ‘hates’ herself for the crimes made against her daughter. She said: “I know I made poor choices.”

But Dr Phil, speaking what we’re all thinking, chastised the woman, saying: “In what parallel universe does a mother watch her daughter perform a sex act on her husband and her father?”

Amanda’s biological father Jim and mother Justine were charged with sexual assault and exploitation of their then 13-year-old daughter in 1996. They both pleaded guilty and received sentences of 20 years in prison, International Business Times reports.


Amanda said her parents forced her to have sex with both of them, revealing that she was given rewards for the sexual acts and that her mother showed her how to ‘enjoy’ sex.

She added: “Justine would show me how good sex would feel by having sex in front of me with my father,” and that her mother would coach her sexually by giving her tips.

Following the abuse, Amanda said the rest of the day would go on as normal. She said: “Afterwards, it was a normal night, dessert, brush my teeth and bedtime.”

This is absolutely horrific.  Hurt people hurt others.


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