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Dave Grohl Dedicates ‘My Hero’ To Naked Guy At Glastonbury

Dave Grohl Dedicates ‘My Hero’ To Naked Guy At Glastonbury

Glastonbury is always full of surprises, whether it be from secret sets, people in the crowd, or celebrities roaming around in their wellies.

Foo Fighters took to the Pyramid Stage last night, two years after they were scheduled to headline in 2015 but couldn’t due to Dave Grohl breaking his leg.

Grohl came on stage by himself to address the crowd and play a rendition of ‘Times Like These’, before the rest of the band joined him for a set full of hits.

Credit: PA

There was a lot of interaction with the audience, talking to them about his leg, as well as introducing the whole band and getting them to do solos. He also dedicated a few of songs to people, such as ‘Walk’ to his surgeon.

But their was another tribute paid during the set that caught people’s eyes more, and that was ‘My Hero’ to a naked guy.

The random bloke had clambered onto someone’s shoulders in his birthday suit as the song began, which prompted Grohl to shout: “I see a naked guy,” this one’s for him!”

Spare a moment for the person who’s shoulders he’s on…

Naturally, Twitter though the naked fella was the highlight of the set.


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