David Jason Accused Of Racism After Mis-Telling One Of The Queen’s Jokes In Awkward TV Moment


David Jason has been accused of racism after mis-telling one of the Queen’s jokes in front of w ill.i.am on live TV this afternoon.

The veteran actor was opening up about Her Majesty’s great sense of humour at the time during BBC One’s coverage of her 90th birthday.

Curious to know more about what the Queen is really like, presenter Kirsty Young asked David if he could share any stories from his meetings with her from over the years.

“Well, she has always been quite proper really,” he said before quickly adding, “but I do remember seeing a piece of off the cuff television when she was talking to family about an ambassador that came from another country.

“She said, ‘Actually I thought that I was talking to a a gorilla!'”

David then laughed, alongside Kirsty – while The Voice judge will.i.am visibly cringed in his seat.

The remarks – which David did not elaborate on – left Will.i.am visibly cringing as he sat and listened to the joke on live TV.

Meanwhile, those tuning in at home were outraged by the comments.


“Did David Jason just tell a story of the Queen being racist, right in front of Will I Am, on live TV?!,” vented one viewer on Twitter.

Another the added: “The Queen of England making a Racist joke. David Jason making light of said racist joke. Host laughing at racist joke.”

Shortly afterwards, a different fan commented: “Turned BBC1 on just in time to hear David Jason assert Queen Liz is a raving racist.”


David appeared to be referring to a 1969 BBC documentary, entitled Royal Family, during which The Queen tells an anecdote about meeting a diplomat who had “arms like a gorilla”.

In the footage, Her Majesty does not mention the diplomat’s race or skin colour, and is clearly referring to his body proportions.


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