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DC3 Stalls Into A Spin w/ Bonus Skydivers

A DC3 stalls and begins to fall out of the sky

Juan Brown of blancolirio channel discusses it a bit in this video

4 replies on “DC3 Stalls Into A Spin w/ Bonus Skydivers”

I transitioned from skydiving to flying due to injury in around 1997. The DC3 is designed for parachuting, but static line. It’s not for CRW, where you try to get a big group out the door all at once. Aft CG was bad enough when we jumped from DHC-6 twin otters.

So what happened is the entire load shifted radically rear, beyond what the elevator can correct for, giving high AoA. Combined with low air speed, the entire left wing stalled, but especially the tip, a worst case scenario.

I’ve only experienced one similar situation as a jumper, when idiot jumpmaster in a 182 climbed hand over hand on the leading edge to the right wingtip. Pilot was screaming GETHIMOFF at max control inputs. As we tipped into a spiral, JM was flung off, saving us.

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