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Dead Man’s Final Prank Leaves Everyone Laughing

Dead Man’s Final Prank Leaves Everyone Laughing

Irish man recorded himself calling for help, loved ones played it as his coffin was lowered

 An Irish man with a sense of humor left behind a final prank for his friends and family: He made a recording before his death, and after his coffin was lowered into the ground, it started playing. “Hello?” he can be heard saying. “Let me out. It’s f—ing dark in here.” Soon, he was singing “Hello Again” by Neil Diamond. Many of the mourners can be seen laughing in video of the incident, which went viral after being posted to RedditDublin Live identifies the man as father of four, grandfather of eight Shay Bradley.

A user identifying herself as Bradley’s daughter tweeted, “It was his [dying] wish that we played this at his funeral. What a man…. To make us all laugh when we were incredibly sad….. He was some man for one man…. Love you forever Poppabear #Shayslastlaugh.”



And a user identifying herself as his granddaughter tweeted, “My grandad wanted everyone leaving his funeral with a smile on his face and that’s exactly what he got, I’m so proud #shayslastlaugh.”



According to the Independent, Bradley’s daughter explained on social media that the recording was played through a speaker on the ground next to the gravesite.

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I want a pool party send off; then they can chuck my ashes into the wind.

Of course, this will never be allowed, not given local culture. Funerals are important for grieving; they allow people to move on. They also allow people to be seen to be paying their respects to the family.

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