Deaf Customer Gets Denied Service At Burger King Drive Thru

Shocking viral video has been released of a deaf man getting refused service at a drive-thru in Burger King Dublin, Ohio.

The deaf man pulls up to the drive-thru window awaiting his order, but it appears it wasn’t ready yet. However, the other customers’ order was already ready.

The employee tries to signal to the deaf customer to leave the queue. At various points throughout the two-minute video, car horns are heard. Finally, the employee, who claims to be able to read sign language, refuses the deaf man service.


Who do you think is in the wrong here?

3 replies on “Deaf Customer Gets Denied Service At Burger King Drive Thru”

The deaf guy was being a dick. Why the hell would a deaf person go through the drive-thru where being able to hear and speak is essential to use that service. He was holding up the line by not following procedure when he could have just gone inside.

Yes, it’s like those dickhead cripples who insist on having a ramp when being able to climb stairs is essential for accessing the library.

The drive thru situation has little to do with your weak analogy. The man at the window said he understands sign language. By going through the drive-thru (knowing damn well he couldn’t order at the speaker) and ordering at the window, he threw off the pacing of which order goes with which car. The dick in the car refused to pull over to let the other patrons through. THAT is what got his service refused, not his being deaf.

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