Popular YouTuber Latoya Forever joined Arbour in the viral video that has more than 450,000 views.

Following the negative backlash to her video “Dear Fat People,” Canadian YouTube star Nicole Arbour is back giving her opinion in “Dear Black People.”

Opening her video by remixing Biggie Smalls’ song “Juicy”, Arbour attacks topics like the usage of the n-word in hip-hop songs, cultural appropriation and chosen stereotypes – even taking a jab at rapper Drake, calling his use of the n-word in his music a “stretch.”

“I’m not trying to appropriate and steal, I just really f***ing like it!” Arbour says in the six minute video.

Giving a white person’s perspective on the hot topics and claiming black things as “cooler,” she brought in black YouTube star Latoya Forever for “insurance purposes.””What the KKK do and have done in the history of the world, is completely f***ed up and not okay,” she rambles in her video.

“However, they are proof that the white people invented the hoodie.”

The viral video – that has gotten over 450,000 hits on YouTube – has viewers furious leaving comments under the video – calling her “the definition of a dumb blonde” and “a bigot in disguise.”

 (Warning: Graphic Content)

‘Dear Black People’ Video Causes More Controversy For YouTube Star Nicole Arbour

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