This Man Epitomizes Hangry – Pours Hot Sauce On Girlfriend & Trys To Put Her In Oven

Salt Lake County Jail

SANDY, Utah — A man is accused of pouring hot sauce and ranch dressing on his girlfriend and then trying to put her in an oven. reported that Joseph Anthony Castellanos, 31, of Utah, was arrested after allegedly beating his girlfriend in a domestic violence incident.

It allegedly happened on June 26 in the home they shared together in Sandy, Utah.

The suspect came home and was reportedly angry (READ HANGRY) because his girlfriend did not visit him at work.

He’s accused of punching her in the face several times, urinating on her, stabbing the top of her head with a kitchen knife and stabbing her repeatedly with a fork.

At some point, he allegedly poured hot sauce and ranch dressing on her and tried putting her in an oven.

Authorities have not said whether or not the oven was on or if this was an attempt to bake her alive.

He could only get her feet inside and she managed to escape and call 911, according to reports.

The suspect is also accused of stomping and kicking the woman’s dog that was under the table.

The suspect faces various charges including aggravated kidnapping, aggravated assault, aggravated cruelty to animals and intentional damage to property. Alcohol is believed to be a factor.

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