Demi Lovato Accused Of Flicking Fan’s Vagina At A Meet-And-Greet

You should know by now that Demi Lovato is NOT a completely milquetoast good girl… and there will be no doubt if this rumor turns out to be true — a while back at a meet-and-greet, Lovato was approached by a fan who claimed that Lovato’s music saved her life.  Demi’s alleged response? Mocking her weight before flicking her in the vagina. *record scratch*

demi lovato rumor

I mean, that’s the kind of bad celeb behavior that would make even Shia LaBeouf raise an eyebrow. Here’s a more detailed version of the story from the alleged victim, courtesy of The Daily Mirror, the world’s premiere source of alleged celebrity gossip:

“[Lovato] was rude, not classy and she lost a long time lovatic that day. I walked into the $350 M&G [meet and greet] and say hello she replies with ‘fat’ and I shook it off because I thought maybe I had heard her wrong. As I approached her and asked to do my pose she stared at me blank faced. I continued talking ‘you saved my life’ I say ‘you’re the reason I’m alive today.’ She looks me dead in the eye and says ‘you’ll die soon enough fatty’ and then whispered ‘obesity.’ “I started crying I had never felt pain like this and she started laughing and said ‘are you crying? Stop it. Stop it now’ and she flicked my vagina. “I headed out of the M&G section and that’s when Demi started speaking whale to me. I still can’t believe this happened.”

Um, yeah. Neither can any of us. I mean, even when she’s trying to give herself a “bad” girl makeover, Demi is at best going to be “bad” in sarcastic air quotes, no matter how hard she tries.

demi lovato rumor

This rumor came up again because a fan recently asked Demi what the craziest thing anyone had ever said abut her. Demi replied, “That I ‘flicked’ a girl’s vagina in a meet-and-greet.” I need better rumors about me STAT. I just want to say this all the time while speaking whale.

Even Iggy Azalea agrees!

Demi Lovato Accused Of Flicking Fan’s Vagina At A Meet-And-Greet


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Anybody who’s no longer a teen and is a super fan of some entertainer needs to have their head examined.

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