Denver Woman Wrecks 7-Eleven Microwave When Her Cup Of Urine Explodes

Denver Woman Wrecks 7-Eleven Microwave When Her Cup Of Urine Explodes

This has to be the best reason to wait until you get home to heat up your 89-cent frozen burrito.

According to WTHR, a Denver woman recently walked into a 7-Eleven, put a cup of piss in the convenience store’s microwave, watched as that cup of piss exploded and then walked out of the store without cleaning it up. Oh, and here’s her picture so you can see that these freaks look just like us.


Police said a store clerk asked Angelique Sanchez to get back in the circle of trust by scrubbing the hell out of the microwave and mopping up the urine. She refused, however, and simply walked out the door. The employee then called police, who eventually found Sanchez waiting to take a physical and piss test at a nearby health clinic.

When the officers questioned Sanchez about why she’d throw a cup of pee in a microwave other human beings use to heat up their lunch, Sanchez just shrugged it off by saying it wasn’t “real urine.” The store clerk disagreed, telling police “the look and smell of the liquid dripping from the microwave was unquestionably urine.”

There obviously aren’t many reasons why somebody would try to heat up their piss. If the question appeared on Family Feud, the number one answer would be “the cup of urine came from somebody else but you’re trying to pass it off as your own because there is too much heroin in yours and you need to pass a drug test.” Actually, that might be a little long for the board.

Of course, the next four answers would also involve heavy drug use.


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