Deranged Burger King Customer Attacks Cashier By Throwing Chair Over The Counter Because He Didn’t Like His Milkshake



The customer is always supposed to be right, in which case I don’t blame him for not liking his milkshake. You’re at Burger King, what did you expect, quality? The only reason to eat at Burger King is because every other fast food place is closed and you are on the verge of dying. Actually, I take that back – dying is preferable to even setting foot inside a Burger King, let alone eating their “food.”

So while this guy was correct in thinking his milkshake was really a large cup of poo, he’s also a moron for going to Burger King in the first place. You brought this milkshake voodoo on yourself dude, don’t get mad at Alejandra Estrada, the poor cashier you assaulted, just because you’re mentally deficient:

“I was very scared,” Alejandra Estrada said Monday afternoon. Estrada is an employee at the Burger King who was the target of the man’s outburst.

“He hit me in my face, and he called me names,” the 60-year-old staffer said.

…Estrada said the man complained about the milkshake, then demanded coffee. When he was told there was no coffee, he started yelling, she said.

Estrada said the man jumped the counter, chased her towards a small office, then punched her in the face.

“He said, ‘I’m going to kill you.’ Oh my God. I tried to close the door, but the door doesn’t [close],” she said.(via)

Dallas police are reportedly investigating the incident as an assault, and hope that someone will be able to identify the man in the video.

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