Desnuda Brings Topless Toddler To Times Square – Sparks Outrage

Remember those topless ladies in Times Square that some basic bitches (including supposedly cool mayor Bill de Blasio) got mad at for corrupting children with the sight of the female torso? How could you forget? Well, now one desnuda is back in the news-a for yet another child-related crime…this time against her own spawn.

According to the New York Daily News, a painted lady named Maria Diaz drew the ire of the police and scolds alike when she brought her toddler daughter to work with her all dressed up like a mini-me in a black tutu and body paint. They held up an “N” and a “Y” but nobody was into it. Eventually, a police officer approached and told her to put a top on the child, which she did.

An off-brand Batman named José Escalona-Martinez filmed the encounter on his iPhone. “Nobody wanted to take any pictures [with them],” he told the New York Post. “Everyone was like, ‘What the hell is this?’” How is anyone supposed to objectify her if they know she’s a mom? Other people made veiled references to pedophiles. “That’s disgusting,” one sour puss tourist told the Daily News. “A mother should have better judgment than to do that to the kid … who knows what someone could have done.” That kid was totally asking to be kidnapped, right?

Street performer Maria Diaz holds with her infant daughter the letters N and Y for New York, as pedestrians observe them in Times Square, New York September 14, 2015.

On the one hand, it’s fucked up that a police officer would force a tiny child to put on a shirt, because that implies her pre-pubescent baby chest is somehow sexual. On the other, desnudas stake their livelihood on the continued sexualization of the female breast. So dressing your kid up like one is about as appropriate as when that mom on Toddlers and Tiaras dressed her kid up like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.


In any case, the kid put a shirt on, and the pedophiles slunk back to their caves to stop being attracted to children until the next time someone dresses their kid inappropriately. If prude-in-chief de Blasio would just set up some sort of free daycare for the desnudas, this could all be avoided in the future.

Desnuda Brings Topless Toddler To Times Square – Sparks Outrage


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So…. in an incredibly misguided idea a mother pleases pedophiles? What kind of parent purposely sexualizes a small child?
Terrible mother, or idiotic mother… either way, I really feel for the poor girl. 🙁

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