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Differences: Walking Dead TV Vs Comics

Differences: Walking Dead TV Vs Comics

sgt-abraham-ford-fictional-characters-photo-u1[1]Vote up the biggest differences between the TV and comic versions.
SPOILERS: If you’re caught up in the comics and the TV series, you’ll be fine. If not, hold the prison/abandoned house phone. Get caught up and come back and join us for a total TWD nerd list.

Ah, it’s time for Walking Dead character comparisons, one of those ongoing past times of fans far and wide. The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman is the man caught between two worlds: his original comic books series and his roles as an executive producer and writer on the TV series.

Kirkman gave the world a collection of rich characters in the bleak and exciting back drop of a zombie apocalypse. In the comics, Kirkman is judge, jury, and executioner along with Charlie Adlard, Tony Moore, and Cliff Rathburn.

For the TV series, Kirkman must work with showrunner Scott Gimple and a cadre of writers. Since the TV series started with Frank Darabont before the hand off to Gimple and Kirkman, the characters have gone through various transformations, dipping away from or melding with other characters in the comics. In the case of the Dixon brothers, they didn’t exist in the pages of Kirkman’s comics and were created by Frank Darabont, Charles Eglee, and Jack LoGiudice.

Walking Dead character appearance is not just about resembling the comics, but finding actors who can handle the action, story content, heat, bugs, and grueling hours that the series requires of its cast. For example, comic book Rick and TV series Rick vibe the same but look different. However, Andrew Lincoln has proven that he IS Rick by now. The characters have shared the same psychotic breaks, loss, and threats.

The Walking Dead casting directors, Sharon Bialy and Sherry Thomas (along with Gohar Gazazyan), have done a wonderful job keeping pace with the screen counterparts, added characters, character amalgams, and other alterations. It can’t be an easy job, but when comic fans saw Michonne emerge from the darkness, there were genuine chills.

Which are your favorite Walking Dead comic to screen transformations and casting choices? Vote them up to the top. Note: We’ll add new characters as they appear on the TV series so Dwight, Ezekiel, Jesus, or the Whisperers, etc. may or may not be coming.

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Surprised me how many look just like the comic. I never read the comics though.

Nobodu cares. I don’t even care enough to fix the typo.

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