Disgusting Woman Caught On Film Pouring Piss In Boss’s Drink

Disgusting Woman Caught On Film Pouring Piss In Boss’s Drink

How much do you hate your boss? Complain about your boss incessantly to your significant other kind of hate? Curse at them under your breath kind of hate? Making a voodoo doll of your boss and constantly stab the juju idol right in the genitals kind of hate? Those are fun ways to hate your boss, but this woman took it to another level.

We take you to Kuwait where a maid showed her displeasure of her employers by pouring piss in their drink. The family had an inkling that a couple of maids who were up to no good started making trouble in their home. So they installed hidden cameras. And it turns out their inclinations were correct because one employee was tainting their beverages.

The maid was so pissed at her bosses that she pissed in their drinks. One woman makes a drink for their boss, then a second woman walks over and dumps what appears to be pee into the juice. Urine trouble.

Pouring piss into the drink of your boss is pretty fucked up, unless your boss is Bear Grylls. Then it’s probably frowned upon if there is no piss in the refreshments.


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she must be really pissed since her punishment will be extreme in that country

My maid’s cooking is so bad I think piss would improve it.

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