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It sounds obvious, but just remember that the people who work at theme parks are just that: people

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No, putting ice cream bars in your kids’ shoes will not count as them being tall enough to ride Thunder Mountain.

We do not need your help to group yourselves into seats on rides, we can seat your “party of 52” much quicker than you can.

It means the WORLD to a cast member when you treat them like humans. I almost burst into tears on Christmas when someone said “thank you for being here, I know you’re giving up time with your family to help make mine have a great vacation.”
Don’t be an asshole. I understand there are very high expectations for a perfect Disney vacation, but the rides are old, CMs are tired, it’s hot, there’s so much you may not see. I will never forget bringing a Make-A-Wish family through our separate entrance, essentially the front of the line, to have a nearby mom say “maybe I should pretend my kid has cancer too”.

Oh – and there are cameras literally everywhere.


This sounds like anecdotal evidence, but the lesson still applies all the same

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Guys should stop hitting on the princesses, I worked at Magic Kingdom (security) and all but 1 of the princess actresses were lesbians.


It might sound like hell sometimes, but there’s a reason castmembers do what they do


I haven’t worked there in years, but when I did, we were trained to look out for people that we could make “magical” moments for. Those people usually ended up being the really nice, personable families. If there was a really sweet kid at our desk (I worked at hotel) that loved Tigger, we’d do our best to get a Tigger stuffed animal sent up to his/her room. Offer me a bit of your Rice krispie Mickey because it’s so good? We send up half a dozen with a note to the kid. Obviously didn’t happen all the time, but it could be beneficial to be kind to the people working.


For the love of Pooh DON’T DO THIS

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Worked at The Haunted Mansion for years. A few times a year people would try to spread their loved ones ashes on at the ride. Please dont do this! All that happens is a custodial CM gets a special vacuum we keep locked in a closet and they get sucked up and thrown out. Or if its outside and its the summer we just wait for the mid day rain storm to do the work.


Again, it’s worth repeating: The people at the park are just trying to do their jobs — they probably don’t hate you unless you’ve given them a reason

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WE’RE PEOPLE TOO! I can’t tell you how many names I’ve been called, how many fingers have been pointed in my face, how many times I have felt seriously threaten by a guest because my ride ran out of fast-passes.

Most of the time, we don’t know why the ride is down and won’t find out until the end of the night when the park closes. If we do know, it’s typically too complicated to explain unless you understand the functionings of the ride.

If the fast-pass line gets too long (phase 3) then there are queuing ratios that need to be followed. For every one person sent through regular queue, 10 people are sent through fast pass. So sending a family of four through regular queue is 40 people through fast-pass. To the one family in regular queue that got mad at me because I didn’t send them through after the family ahead of them because I needed to take care of my fast-pass line, I’m sorry you think I’m a piece of shit but my coordinator is watching me and I already got reprimanded earlier for sending multiple single riders from the regular queue earlier.

People can be really really cruel, which is ironic considering they’re at “the happiest place on earth.” However, the perk of being able to go into the parks whenever is amazing.

Another fun one: we are REQUIRED to shut down the ride if anyone steps in the track. Once, an autistic child got really exited and just booked it onto the track and ran INTO the actual ride and of course, the parents went in after him. For safety purposes the CM at the controls have to hit the emergency stop button. At this point, everything is shut down and the only way we can restart it is after everyone has been evacuated and the ride gets a hard reset. Outside, we’re informing guests that the ride is down. Out of courtesy for the family with the autistic child we did the whole “not sure why it’s down but be back in 30 minutes.” Meanwhile, there’s a man screaming that we’re all liars and that we shut down because a child ran on the track. Wanted to punch that man in the throat.


That being said, it’s not like the higher-ups aren’t out to screw you

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We have lost our minds in pursuit of quarterly growth to impress Wall Street. Nothing we do is for the guest, it’s to grow revenue or cut costs.

Example: Annual passport pricing was recently increased to dissuade lower-value guests from coming. We don’t need you. We will have enough people coming for Star Wars and paying full price. And if you do come for Star Wars, most of you won’t get into the land, let alone the rides. We currently have no plans to deal with this.

Other prices increase every year just because we can. We call it “taking our annual increase”. We know you can’t afford it, and we read all the Facebook comments about it being too expensive. But we will keep raising prices until the parks stop being full. And even when they are full, we will find ways to get more out of you by increasing food costs and reducing portion sizes. We have over a hundred people whose job it is to maximize revenue on things like food & beverage.

We increase parking costs to help pad the bottom line. We add parking fees to hotel guests because we can, not because parking is a problem.

To sum up, the Magic is a cover for grabbing cash. And the cash is just to make our c-level executives happy so they look good to Wall Street.


Wookies are people too, you know

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Dear god people can’t seem to realize characters are just humans in a suit half the time. A lot of people try to come and pick up Chewbacca performers claiming them to be “bear hugs” and a lot of poor goofys get banged around too. Not even gonna get started on the stalking/harassment issues face characters deal with.


Probably not a good idea to mess with someone who’s in charge of your property

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I worked operations at two shows in Hollywood Studios during my college program. During that time I saw the best and worst of humanity.
A few things I learned:

1, If you cuss a castmember who offers to park your stroller for you, and then throw that stroller at them, that stroller may end up across the park due to “stroller lot overflow.” (This only happened once)

2, Kicking a cast member in the shins and jumping the chains for a show WILL get you banned from the park.

3, The guests who are nice and sweet are the ones who get remembered and make the long hours worth it! Once, an elderly couple gave me an “Ellie Badge” from Up that they had made themselves to hand out as thank you gifts for cast members. I still have it, and smile every time I look at it!


Rules exist for a reason

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When we tell you to put away your loose belongings on a ride, it’s not a suggestion. Our main concern is safety, and the last thing anyone needs is a broken nose because a phone from row one flew back and hit a guy a couple rows back. But aside from harming others, you’re also inconveniencing yourself. We can’t stop operations to go get your hat, cell phone or Mickey ears. So unless you want to wait until park close to possibly collect your items, please just listen to the cast members when they say that you should store your items away. It’s easier for you, and it’s easier for us.


Might wanna bring some hand sanitizer, just in case

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I did the International Disney College Program In 2014 and was lucky enough to be put in Vista Way. Now the college program hires people to work temporarily at one of the parks, resorts or anywhere really. They house us all in college like campuses. Vista way was the most notorious of these four campuses.

We were the last group to experience the infamous vista way hot tub, which actually ended up being concreted over in that year. That thing was just like a giant orgy. I actually met my current partner in that hot tub haha.

Anyway there are 19 countries or so represented on the program so every Monday we do Happy Mondays, where the best drinkers from each country meet up and play drinking games games against other countries. It was two teams from each country, being a guys team and a girls team. Guys teams would only play girls teams, and the aim was more or less to hook up at the end of the night. If you ever end up at the EPCOT world showcase on a Tuesday I can guarantee to you that at least half the internationals will be massively hungover.

The whole place was just like a giant orgy

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