Disturbing Reality? How Police Treat Black Man Vs White Man With Open Carry Law!

5 replies on “Disturbing Reality? How Police Treat Black Man Vs White Man With Open Carry Law!”

The black guy is lucky to be alive..

If that woman wasn’t clearly filming the incident, i would expect to hear a story about a deranged black man aiming a assault weapon at people and heroic cops come in to shoot him after a struggle.

That cop deserves punishment. No laws were broken, and there was no reason for this.

Since no laws were broken, he has no right to deny anyone else of their rights.

I don’t care if the cop felt safe. Feeling safe is not his job. Upholding the LAW AND OTHERS RIGHTS is his job.

But mostly, jesus effin christ. It’s clear the black dude wan’t acting nuts. He was lucid and willing to communicate.

The cop treats him like an animal without any rights. At least ask him to keep his hands visible, and slowly remove the gun…or whatever makes the cop feel safer without degrading the law abiding man.


You’re absolutely right. They are 2 different videos.
It’s rediculous to draw conclusions based on race based on different cops, different times. places, different days. etc.

There may be an issue with cops and race.
Now that the media has jumped on the bandwagon…we can only expect sensationalism and cherry picked pseudo

I’m not saying that blacks aren’t treated worse (or not) than others…..just that the media is not a good source of non biased info.
Non issues into issues…and mountains out of mole hills. Everything but truth, and nothing but divisiveness.

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