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Disturbing Video Shows Exactly What Happens When You Take ‘Zombie’ Drugs

Disturbing Video Shows Exactly What Happens When You Take ‘Zombie’ Drugs


Flakka, gravel, the zombie drug – it goes by many names, and is commonly sold falsely as molly.

I can sit here, wag my finger and list the reasons why you should never take it. But I’m not your mom. Don’t make me do it. I’M TOO BUSY TO BE YOUR PARENT.

In fact, I don’t need to say anything. All you need to do is watch this video. It will put you off ever trying flakka.

What did I tell you? Pretty gnarly stuff right? *Gives patronizing look at you through computer screen*

The video is a collection of body cam footage from police in Queensland, Australia, who are currently dealing with an outbreak of flakka-related incidents.


It shows a man writhing around in pain in the backseat of a car. He is only wearing underpants.

When police approach him, he screams,

Help me! Help me!

In another scene, officers try to restrain a woman lashing out and talking in gibberish.


What is flakka?

It’s a man-made drug created from a chemical called alpha-PVP.

This is a synthetic version of cathinone, the stimulant made from the plants Somalians eat in the movie “Captain Phillips.”

The sensation and long-term effects it causes are said to be comparable to high-grade crystal meth or cocaine use, with the addition of kidney failure.

You can snort it, inject it, smoke it or eat it.

Is it more dangerous than other hard drugs?

It’s hard to know. Perhaps it is, due to its unpredictability. Obviously, you never know what substances dealers are cutting drugs with.

Flakka’s high is one massive stream of dopamine — the feel-good chemical in your brain.

When this is released, either naturally or with the aid of other drugs, the stream eventually levels off.

But flakka stops the chemical from leveling off. This can lead to a sharp rise in body temperature and has been known to make users rip off their clothes.

It has also been known to make people violent. In one case of suspected use, a 19-year-old man allegedly murdered a couple and began to eat one victim’s face.

In short, just stick to wine.

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