DO NOT Poke A Phone Battery With A Knife

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For a while, when I had money, I was really into the hobby-grade RC cars/trucks. Every so often, on the forum to which I belonged, someone would post up a video or aftermath pics of the LiPo batteries like these going up and taking out their expensive toy (only those LiPo packs were a good bit bigger). I only had to worry about fire when my fuel tank would break.

I wonder what would happen if such a battery were to become punctured within a pressure vessel? Heck, even if it is not in a pressure vessel, it would be pretty dangerous.

If some rag-head tries this on board a commercial flight, he may not achieve his objective of total destruction, but all phones, tablets and electronic devices would be banned from flights. Imagine the impact of that inconvenience.

Gee I didn’t know my cell battery uses solid rocket fuel.

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