‘Do You Want To Play With My Balls’ Is A Real Book, And It’s So Bad It’s Good

Do you want to play with my balls?

That’s the titular question posed in one seriously wrong children’s book which has gone viral on YouTube.

And the whole thing is every bit as disturbing as you’d probably imagine, with the book telling the story of friends Louie and Chuck – and their love of big and colourful balls.

‘I can hold your ball sack so it won’t drag on the ground’, Louie tells Chuck at one point.

Do you want to play with my balls

But then it gets to a whole new level of wrong when Sally is introduced, and she squeezes Chuck’s balls so hard they change shape.

Luckily, it’s not the kind of disturbing thing that your kids will have been reading, as it was specifically designed for childish adults, and written by brothers Matt and Lou Cifaldi.

'Do you want to play with my balls' is a real book, and it's plain wrong
(Picture: Kickstarter)

They only printed 100 copies originally, but saw a massive demand for the book after it went viral on YouTube, so have now started a Kickstarter to put the book back into publication.

It’s now raised $19,245 from a $7,500 target.


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