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Doctor Claims To Have Seen A Glimpse Of Hell

Doctor Claims To Have Seen A Glimpse Of Hell


A doctor has claimed to have seen a glimpse of hell while undergoing surgery.

Writing for the MailOnline, Rajiv Parti describes the moment of awe after years of dealing with patients who had boasted of similar experiences. Rajiv was cynical towards their so-called visions until 2008 when, at the age of 51, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Although Rajiv booked one of the top prostate surgeons in the country, something went badly wrong in the operating theatre, leaving him with scar tissue and various other side effects.

This was followed by a further five surgeries attempting to restore the injuries, none of which truly worked.

Then one night, about a week after his last procedure, Rajiv’s temperature soared to 105 Fahrenheit.

“I knew instantly what was happening: despite two courses of strong antibiotics, an infection was spreading rapidly in my abdomen. And if I didn’t get help fast, I’d soon be dead from septic shock,” he wrote.


‘My wife, tears streaming down her face, managed to bundle me into her BMW and drive me to hospital, where I was quickly loaded on to a trolley.” He was put under anaesthetic and ‘woke up’ some time after, but everything wasn’t as it actually seemed.

“To my right, I heard screams of pain and anguish. I was drawn in, as if on a moving pavement, to the edge of a flaming canyon. Smoke filled my nostrils, and with it the sickening odour of burning flesh. I knew then that I was on the lip of hell.

“I tried to turn away, but each time I took a step back, an unseen force moved me forward. A voice spoke to me telepathically. ‘You have led a materialistic and selfish life’, it said. I knew that was true, and felt ashamed. Over the years, I’d lost empathy for my patients.


“Standing on the rim of hell, I remembered a woman who’d come to my clinic for treatment of chronic arthritis. She was in considerable pain, but that wasn’t the reason why she was weeping.”

He added: “As the smoke billowed and the burning souls screamed around me, I thought of my possessions and how meaningless they were. Why did I have all these things? Why did I need a home so big that, when we were in different parts of the house, we had to communicate through our iPhones?

“I felt steeped in shame. But I knew my chance to change was gone: at any moment now, I’d be pulled into the pit of fire to burn for eternity. There seemed no way out, but I prayed for one anyway.

“‘My God, give me another chance. Please give me another chance.'”

That last chance was his father, who gave him some life advice before fading away. Rajiv then met two angels who lifted him toward the light. Quite an epiphany.

“I don’t know how long I stayed with the being. But my exit, when it happened, was sudden and rapid as I fell into a white fog. For the first time, my eyes began to hurt, so I closed them.

“And when I opened them… I was in the recovery room. My heart was beating hard and my lungs pumping double time.

“‘How do you feel?’ It was the anaesthetist, still in his scrubs. “That was a rough one,” he said, referring to my surgery.

“I must have looked stunned, because when I didn’t respond, the anaesthetist leaned closer. ‘Are you all right?’ he asked.

“‘I saw you during my surgery’, I said. ‘I left my body and watched you from the ceiling’.”

The anaesthetist brushed off Rajiv’s claims as mere hallucination, which they probably were. Still, it’s a decent read, far too in depth for me to fully cover here.


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