Doctors Reveal Whether A Human Centipede Is Actually Medically Possible

The Human Centipede was the horror movie that no one asked for and it left many in fear that some people are actually able to have these crazy ideas.

If you’re lucky enough not to have seen the seriously fucked up film by Tom Six, I’ll let you know how it goes. A twisted, crazy scientist drugs and detains two American tourists in Germany after they get a flat tire. They join a Japanese tourist, also drugged and held against his will. So then this doctor goes ahead and lines then up, on all fours, and sews their mouths to the arsehole of the person in front.

Now you can do the math and work out eventually the person at the front needs to use the bathroom but ends up shitting into the woman behind him. It’s messed up in so many ways and even went on to have two more movies.

Now two doctors have weighed in on what would actually happen to you if, God forbid, you wound up in that scenario.

Doctor Louise Owen has told The Hook Mag there is the obvious issue of choking: “Assuming it’s an airtight seal, her natural instinct would be to swallow whatever’s in her mouth, but if someone were to shit into your mouth, it is likely that you would vomit it back up. That vomit would have nowhere to go and it is probable that some of it would be aspirated.

“As anyone who has vomited knows, it is a violent process and likely to dislodge the staples. In addition, as there is not a place for vomit to go for two of the victims (B and C), they would likely inhale vomit. This would cause chemical injury to the lungs from stomach acid, difficulty breathing, and pneumonia.”

movie animated GIF

While Doctor Philip Coakley says there are a whole host of reasons why you could die under those circumstances: “Even just tied up on the floor like that, let alone the initial wounds: hypothermia, dehydration, possible infection of wounds, some of those people may have had blood poisoning. Septicemia can kill you very quickly.”

But could you survive if all the conditions were right?

Doctor Coakley says: “Yeah, the guy at the front eats, the passage of that would be normal that would come out as normal faeces. So the next person would ingest faeces and then it would probably come out as just more faeces. That said there’s not a lot of goodness left, that’s why we poo it out.

“There’s not zero nutrition in there, a lot of animals feed off faeces. That would be an interesting experiment actually, feed a human nothing but human excrement and see how long they can survive.”

Yeah great idea Doc, why don’t you try and rustle up some willing volunteers.


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