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Dog Walker Stumbles Across Group Of Men ‘Taking Turns’ With Unknown Woman

Dog Walker Stumbles Across Group Of Men ‘Taking Turns’ With Unknown Woman



When you’re out walking little Fido, the last thing you expect to stumble across is a gang bang.

For most people, it’d be around three seconds of a giggle and a little nosey, but the novelty would soon wear off.

Darron Abbott, 51, was taking an early morning stroll with his dog near a children’s playground. Suddenly, a woman ‘in her 20s’ knocked on her car window and ‘beckoned him over’.

He told The Sun that he went over and saw that her top was undone with ‘everything hanging out’ and she was ‘bouncing up and down on the lap’ of another man. It was 8am on a Saturday.


After scarpering pretty quickly, our Darron noticed that there was a silver Volkswagen with five men inside nearby. He watched as one by one, men went into the woman’s car, left, and were then replaced by another bloke from the silver car.

Fun sponge Darron decided to call the police. Okay, maybe that’s a bit harsh. It was 8am next to a kid’s playground so let’s give him a break.

The police came and then ANOTHER car full of blokes came, apparently for the same reason as the first car.

Is it just me who’s really impressed with the organisation? However, I’ve taken the liberty of offering some alternative locations for future gang bangs (is this classed as a gang bang? I asked a few people in the office and apparently it’s ‘running the train’ so… I guess you learn something new every day):

  • Your mum’s house – she’s probably got a decent selection of biscuits you can munch while you’re waiting your turn
  • A pool hall – get yourself a lock in and have a decent pool tournament at the same time
  • An indoor ski slope – it takes fucking ages to get to the top, so by the time you’ve come all the way down you’ll be ready for action
  • Literally fucking anywhere else other than a children’s playground

Darron, told The Sun: “[My dog] went to the toilet and I picked it up and took it to the bin next to a brown Audi, which had its warning light flashing. The female in the car seemed to be very active on the man’s lap. Her top was up in the air and everything was hanging out.

“It does not take a genius to work out was going on. You could see the woman in the front and she was bouncing up and down on a man’s knee. I made a rapid retreat. It then became apparent that the silver Volkswagen parked next to the Audi was full of males.

“They seemed to be taking turns getting into the car with the woman. Just after the police arrived a silver Peugeot arrived also full of males.

“It appears the various males were waiting for their turn. They were probably in their mid-20s or 30s. The police told me that they were drunk and they sent them on their way with a caution, which I don’t think is a massive deterrent. If people are going to do this there are places for it. It’s not here. There’s lots of families with children here and this was 8am in the morning.

“It wasn’t like it was late on a Friday night, this was happening in broad daylight and I couldn’t believe my eyes. We had a fireworks party on the evening and it certainly made an entertaining story for our guests.”

So there you go, don’t have group sex in public, everyone!


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I guess Mr. Buzzkill wasn’t down with sloppy sevenths.

TIL the meaning of the word scarpering.

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