Don Lemon Holds Up A Big N-Word Sign On CNN – What Are You Doing, Don Lemon?

Monday night, CNN’s resident clod Don Lemon (well, one of CNN’s resident clods) once again employed his bush-league talents to tackle a complex issue in the most cornball way possible.

During a segment titled “Does This Offend You?” Lemon held up a Confederate flag, saying “This is what America is talking about right now. Does this offend you? It’s a Confederate flag.” (Thanks, Don.) He then held up a sign with the n-word on it and asked, “What about this? Does this offend you?”

Lemon apparently thought he would spark an intelligent conversation about offensiveness with the segment, but the clownshoes manner with which he approached the subject possessed about as much tact as if he had held up a picture of a butt hole.

Knowing Lemon, though, he’s probably saving that for his next segment.

In a podcast interview that aired on Monday, President Barack Obama used the word “nigger” during a discussion on race. That prompted Lemon to hold up a large sign with the word “NIGGER” on it, and ask his audience, “Does this offend you?”

The unusual segment caused Lemon to trend on Twitter, but probably not in the way he wanted: The trending phrase was “Has Don Lemon Lost His Goddamn Mind?” due to a Gawker story on the segment with the same headline (which includes a poll where readers could answer the question).

Boing Boing joined in, asking Twitter user Darth to get busy with Photoshop and transform Lemon into a meme:


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