Donald Trump Interviewed Donald Trump On Fallon And It Was ‘HUUUUUUUUGE’

Donald Trump Interviews Himself In the Mirror

On Friday night, two seemingly polar opposites collided when Donald Trump appeared on The Tonight Show and was interviewed by Jimmy Fallon, and it was fantastic. Trump, who is the first Republican presidential candidate to top 30 percent support in the race for the Republican nomination, held his own and was very funny throughout the appearance.

Jimmy busted out this HUUUUUUUUGE Donald Trump impression, so that the real Donald Trump could talk to Fallon’s Donald Trump in a mirror.

After Trump outlines his lengthy economic policies, Fallon’s distracted Trump admitted, “I’m sorry, I wasn’t paying attention. I was too busy staring at my beautiful reflection. I’m like a Greek god who just took a bath in a pumpkin spice latte.”

The Republican front-runner asks himself if Gary Busey would be his vice-presidential candidate, to which Trump replies, “I love Gary — he’s fantastic — but more of a Supreme Court justice, in my opinion.” Then Trump reveals, “Vice president’s a very serious position. I’d say maybe Kanye West.”

I don’t know if Trump himself, and the world, could handle two Donald Trumps.

The show started off on a somber note, as Jimmy asked Trump what 9/11 meant to him. Trump then hit on the awful truth that U.S. military veterans have to wait days before they can receive medical care from Veterans Affairs health services. He also talked about Hillary Clinton, and what makes him different than other candidates. The top GOP candidate stated that “we have to become rich again and we’re going to become great again.”

The next interview segment Trump boasted how he brings phenomenal ratings to the televised presidential debates. Fallon asked Trump, “You go out with no notes, do you just make up stuff?” Trump retorted, “I’m blessed with a great memory.” Trump was then asked, “Have you ever apologized?” And in the most Trumpesque answer ever, the businessman said, “I fully think apologizing is a great thing, but you have to be wrong.”

Jimmy then attempted to do a “Speed Interview with Donald Trump,” which turned out to be difficult at times since DJT is rather verbose. Fallon asked Trump his opinions on the Hillary Clinton email scandal, Kanye West, the Mexican wall, Carly Fiorina and making DJ Khaled’s “All I Do Is Win” as his political theme music.

Donald Trump Interviewed Donald Trump On Fallon And It Was ‘HUUUUUUUUGE’

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