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Donald Trump Will Soon Be Able To Text Anyone In America

Donald Trump Will Soon Be Able To Text Anyone In America



In 2006 Congress passed the Warning, Alert and Response Network Act, or WARN Act.

The act allows government authorities to send an unblockable text message to any phone in contact with a cell phone tower in a geographical location in America. Under the law if the message is sent by the president, it is unblockable.

This means that under the law once the president-elect makes it to the White House he will be able to text anybody in America whenever he likes. Which considering early in the primaries, Donald Trump gave out Lindsay Graham’s cell phone number to the entire crowd, could mean bad news for US citizens, as there is nothing anybody can do to stop him SMSing them.


Luckily, UPROXX reports that the system is controlled by FEMA, which can vet which alerts go out, and it requires two training courses, which usually the president will let somebody else take charge of.

But seeing as Trump reportedly dictates his tweets to staff instead of writing them himself, it’s not entirely out of the question that a late night text will be showing up in the US’s collective inbox. Something to look forward when his term begins, I guess.


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