Don’t Kick Dildos! What Is This? This Is How You Royally F*ck Up


Another dildo-related, TV incident. When are people going to learn?

Let’s see how many fun quips can be made about this unfortunate incident.

  • “Hi, insurance company person. I’d like to make a claim on a damaged television. Um. Is kicking a dildo into a TV covered?”
  • That TV is fucked.
  • This TV has had this big of a dick on the screen since they watched a Justin Bieber music video.
  • This girl did give a flying fuck.
  • She should have seen that dick coming.
  • Fantastic kick though. The Dolphins should sign her up to be their kicker.
  • Stop dicking around.
  • Talk about getting the shaft.
  • This TV takes a pounding.
  • That’s one repair bill that will be hard to swallow.
  • What a dick move.
  • That was nuts!
  • The idea that a stand is the safest method to showcase your TV is a phallusy.
  • Play with rubber dicks and you’re bound to get fucked.
  • Instead of dildo, she should dildon’t.
  • Didn’t their mother ever warn them to never kick balls in the house?
  • The one time in your entire life that you need to get cock blocked and it doesn’t happen.

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