Don’t Make Me Go Back Mommy

A children`s book about Satanic rituals. It was suppose to be a help guide but ended up being the scariest book ever.

“Don’t make me go back, Mommy” ​​is a 1990 book written by Doris Sanford. It was published in the midst of mass hysteria due to the use of children in satanic rituals, the agenda had not been out of the media at the time. Several counts of use of children in rituals that involved rape to sacrifice since appeared, and today we know that all accusations were fabricated with forged interviews, relating a kind of public kindergarten, called “daycare center”, with a Satanic conspiracy throughout the country.


The book should have been done to help children identify signs that would be used in rituals, but eventually it is one of the most terrifying books most have ever seen. It is written in codes that only children who were victims of these practices (which existed, although the hysteria has been made), and this causes it to be very strange to people who were not victims of satanic rituals.


The “magic juice” was given by the teacher, and is code for drugs. The picture shows white rabbits in a cage, used in rituals .. The ‘teachers’ (ritual masters) used to hurt the rabbits for the kids to show what would happen if they did not follow their orders.


One of the oddest pages talks about a child who was locked up and also says that the child “married”.Behind the mother we see a part of a wedding dress. This is due to a terrible ritual where children were transformed into “brides of satan.”


Halloween is also the day of Samhain (in the southern hemisphere is celebrated on May 1). It is believed that this is the day where the veil that separates the material world from the spiritual is thinner.”Becky’s Birthday” would be a code for one of the rituals.



Here we see Becky naked in the middle of the magic circle where satanic ritual is about to begin. The words spoken in this page is one of the things that drivers said the ritual for the kids to keep them obedient.


This page refers to various things that happen in the rituals: The master of the ritual becoming “another mother”, the mother losing her title, injected drugs and sexual abuse.


The code uses a child again, “magic surgery” for sexual abuse. Notice what she’s doing with the rabbit.



See the dead rabbit beside the child.Rabbits, as you saw, were used to threaten children. Here the page shows how the child perceives what will happen to her if people do not obey the ritual.


Look at the boy’s face. He will stay in your mind.Remember it when you sleep.


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