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Doomsday Clock: It’s 2.5 Minutes Til Midnight

Doomsday Clock: It’s 2.5 Minutes Til Midnight


We haven’t been this close to doomsday since atomic bombs were detonated in 1953, according to the Doomsday Clock. The clock, used to show “how close we are to destroying our civilization,” jumped 30 seconds closer to midnight Wednesday, giving us 2.5 minutes to go, reports USA Today.

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists put much of the blame on President Trump, who it said “made disturbing comments about the use and proliferation of nuclear weapons and expressed disbelief in the overwhelming scientific consensus on climate change,” per NPR. It added that “even though he has just now taken office, the president’s intemperate statements, lack of openness to expert advice, and questionable cabinet nominations have already made a bad international security situation

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