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Doordash Driver Confronts Customer about $8 tip

At the core of this ridiculously cringeworthy tantrum from the DoorDash driver is the undeniable fact that she could’ve simply refused to drive that distance. You don’t have to take every order that comes your way. But no, instead she makes the drive, and then pitches a full on fit about the tip not being up to her standards.

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Forty minutes to drive twelve and a half miles? She was probably following her whacked out GPS that gave all the wrong directions..

Eight bucks for 12 miles isn’t much. It probably takes forty minutes to drive that . Especially living in Ca. You must consider gas and wear and tear of vehicle

@KERRY SHUPER $8 for 12 miles works out to .67 per mile which is higher than most professional truck drivers get.

Minimum wage in California is $12 an hour which works out to $8 for the 40 minutes she drove, so she was paid at least minimum wage.

On top of that $8 she was paid by doordash for the job as well.

Leaving like she did netted her ZERO dollars, she still had the wear and tear on her vehicle, and most likely lost her job. He probably just called Uber-eats or Grubhub after that and still got his meal. It is not his fault if traffic in California is bad, and again, if the traffic was bad and the trip was out of her way, she should have turned the delivery down.

A tip is given for service provided and it sounds like her service was lacking. 40 minutes = cold food and a lower tip.
Unless that meal was over $55 (which I doubt looking at the size of the bag) that tip was still above 15% which is a tipping standard.
Any waitress would’ve spent about an hour waiting a table and been glad to get the 8 bucks.

With Covid and the lack of jobs right now… you have to take what you can get and be thankful someone is willing to give you anything extra at all. Hell send me the 8 bucks.

A majority of trucking companies pay between $0.28 and $0.40 cents per mile according to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics. A few companies do pay up to $0.45 cents per mile. These types of jobs require more skill and are for drivers with many years of experience.

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