Driver Tries To Get Out Of Ticket By Handing Cop Homer Simpson License

Driver Tries To Get Out Of Ticket By Handing Cop Homer Simpson License –

Everybody and their mom knows who Homer Simpson is and what he looks like. And everyone knows that he’s a cartoon character and not an actual human. So I have no idea what the driver in this story was thinking when he tried to convince a cop in Buckinghamshire that he was Homer Simpson in the flesh.

The driver was recently pulled over by a Thames Valley Police traffic cop. When the cop asked for his license and proof of insurance, the unidentified driver instead handed over a novelty license with Homer Simpson’s face on it.

Thames Valley actually shared a photo of the license below:


Not shocking at all, but this didn’t work. If you’re a true fan of the show you would know that Homer was born on May 12, 1956, not April 8, 1963. You would also know that he lives at 742 Evergreen Terrace, not 28 Springfield way. Who the hell was he trying to fool? Oh yeah, the cops.

The driver obviously had no proof of his real license and no proof of insurance, so his car was seized and he was reported for not having any of those things. No word yet what the driver looks like, but my gut tells me he’s not a fat, bald, yellow cartoon.

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